You Look Disgusting.

Last night while I was browsing around on Facebook seeing what some of my friends were up to and doing some lurking on other people too which you cannot deny that you do that too because sometimes it’s somewhat hard to resist yourself from being curious about what other people who are not on your friends list are saying or done something that you would gather up the information from that somebody to share with some of your friends by talking to them about what you have read someone’s wall post on Facebook. In the middle of reading some wall posts by some of the people who are on the friends list on my personal Facebook account and I came across a wall post that baffles me because that wall post contains a video which I have watched. That wall post I came across were posted by a company registered Facebook account, as I have mentioned that the wall post contains a video but it’s just not a video it is probably one of very few most powerful video I have ever seen in my life and it is very rare for me to be impressed with the message that they were sending in that video in their wall post they posted on Facebook. The video, a very powerful video with powerful message which is an advertisement for the company named My Pale Skin and the title for the advertisement video is very powerful too.

Should I get Hulu?!

Hulu Logo

As of lately I have watched several television shows on Netflix such as The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practices, House M.D., Gotham, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D and few of other popular name of shows which they are the television shows that I pretty much watch on daily basis through Netflix streaming video on mostly my huge 4K smart television on the wall. While I have the appreciation for Netflix to give me something to watch that I wasn’t able to watch through standard cable due to difference in my schedules because every time one of my favorite television shows comes on I am never available or have any free time to just sit back and watch them but I have a bit of problem with Netflix which is that Netflix only carry a year old season of every new television shows like The Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D. and others. Some of you know that I am probably one of some person who is very impatient and never liked to wait for something before I could get which in this case to be able to watch a new episode after it have been aired through the standard cable. Lately I am running out of episodes for several television shows that I am a big fan of such as The Walking Dead which Netflix released fifth season last weekend I believe and ever since the fifth season was released I already almost finished watching the entire fifth season so of course I am going to be wanting more episodes to watch.

Fundraiser and charities.

Thinking about to do a fundraiser for some charities, or for anyone who really in needs some help with money. As some of you know that I am president of ATV Addict club for ATV and side by side riding but nobody has joined the club yet as I have gave up on leading a club of my own called ATV Addict, but thinking about to try to get it going in hope to raise funds for some charity of our choice, of course there will be a poll for everybody to vote which one should we be giving the funds to. I am planning on to get everything going for the club that I have formed in March, or at least April and hopefully to have everybody to ride with us and donate funds into the bucket from ATV Addict riding club and then all of funds be given to one selected charity or depends on how much each person is in needs for it such as for homeless, high debt in hospital/doctor bills and others. And of course, every one who ride with us and donate at least minimum or more in money and then of course each of donor will be credited for it coming from ATV Addict because I want them to know who exactly is donating and what group are we from. There’s several clubs ride has done this for many years but except us, because there’s only couple people in the club at this moment but in hope to seek for a volunteer to promote the club somehow. While we are completely non-profit organization, we don’t accept money for ourselves but only use the funds that goes to charity or someone only within’ a reason. Soon hopefully, we will be riding at Ballfork mountain in Blackberry, KY and then Buffalo mountain in West Virginia, please note this that we do not charge for the permit to enter in Hatfield and McCoy trails system but they charge anyone for good cost of $50 annual, though. I will be working on to bring ATVAddict website back and run it again so that way anyone can join the club at no charge. We never will charge you for anything, so it’s really up to anyone that would like to donate some cash into the bucket and then to give it to a charity or anyone needs it within’ a reason of course we will always have a discussion on which charity it should be going to or who should it be going to, so it’s not entirely up to me as it’s up to all of donors and then make a poll for it for anyone to vote.

Ford Minivan quits?

For odd reason, any time after 2008 – 2009 I start to stop seeing Ford Minivans selling around this area. I have Google it everywhere to find out if Ford has decided to stop selling the Ford minivan but hasn’t yet to see their announcement about that, unless I am blind. I am wondering if they stop selling minivan as it isn’t made in this year 2010. I know Ford don’t sell a lot of minivans but their minivans are decent, especially windstar because that’s what I have but not new, 2001 model. Still, it’s a good van and still going strong. Had few issues but fixed it, only issue right now is either stereo or dashboard wiring. I hope Ford isn’t going to stop making minivans. Some of people needs them more than trucks or cars.

Leave a comment below this post of the blog to tell me do you think Ford stopped selling minivan, if so then why?