Tidbits 7-19-15.

Looks like I have a few numbers of subjects to discuss about, I would like to remind everyone who is fans of my blog that tidbit articles are usually a very long article for reading because the definition of the tidbit is everything else in one so that means different subjects instead of writing an article of just one subject which can be a bit boring to some of the people as it seems because several people have sent me emails saying that they prefer something long to read as it keeps them busy as long as some of the subjects would be interesting to some of the people who like to reads blogs or some news outlet. Personally I believe that tidbit articles are perfect for JoshiesWorld because when I founded the website with the intentions of a whole different categories because some of the bloggers would only blog under one category or niche as they says that it makes it more successful than to blog on different categories but while I have nothing against any bloggers who only interested in blog in one category or niche although myself I sees that when bloggers include several categories instead of just one category often succeed at blogging because. For example if there is one category or niche, let’s say food blog then when people do some search for some food articles they would find the only food bloggers website then leave so with all categories for a blog would encourage the readers to stay on that blog longer because that blog has more categories than just one category so if they are done with reading foods then they want to read something that’s related to movies so they would have to search all over again for a different blogger who blog about movies so with all categories blog that saves their time from having to search a different blog that relate to something they want to read and not only that it gives the blogger who blog about everything more success.

Matt Flynn: Exciting news!

Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn.When I was surfing for some news and I decided to look into Packers news to see if there’s anything major news for Green Bay Packers team because Green Bay Packers is my favorite team and I came across one exciting news about one player named Matt Flynn who drafted into Green Bay Packers as 7th round (209th overall) in 2008 as a backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers until in 2012 the Packers made a mistake by letting him go and he signed with Seattle Seahawks for three years but he got traded in 2013 with Oakland Raiders for a 2014 5th round and conditional 2015 draft pick but then Raiders released Matt Flynn in six months then in that same year he signed a deal with Buffalo Bills and then they released him less than a month (sounds like Tim Tebow doesn’t it?) But just few days later in the same following month which was November the Packers and NFL top starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers got injured and so did Seneca Wallace who was backup quarterback for Aaron Rodgers in the same place that Matt Flynn once was in and the only next quarterback they have is Scott Tolzien as Packers 3rd string quarterback that wasn’t injured and they started Scott Tolzien but the problem was is that Scott Tolzien couldn’t play too well and caused a loss game for Packers and the Packers organization couldn’t afford to lose more games because they were nearing into playoff and here comes Matt Flynn to save the day and Packers and took them into playoff.