Snippets 6-17-2017

So here I am, blogging again for once in a long while since I haven’t written an article for a few weeks and I have been preoccupied lately to a point that I could rarely find any time to do something that I enjoy doing. As you know, we are now in summer which is usually that time a lot of people would be off to somewhere on vacations and this is one of few reasons that a lot of bloggers aren’t as active as they usually be in fall, winter, and spring seasons. Every website has statistics that the owners of the website(s) can check, almost every website receives the lowest traffic during in the summer and the most traffic that all websites get is usually in winter. Because in summer, a lot of people is out on vacations and the lowest usage of the internet is in the summer as well, because not many of people is at their home using the internet and even that a lot of us have smartphone or tablets with internet; the statistics still shows that the lowest internet usage is in the summer. It is interesting and it is good thing because it shows that some people can at least lives outside of the internet. Anyway, usually in every article I would start off asking how all of you men and women are doing so how are you all doing?! At least, I asked whether than not bothers to ask and as for myself I am doing well. However, I cannot stand the summer because of the heat and I am known to never be a fan of the heat nor hot temperature anywhere. I already miss the winter, even though we barely even get a couple of inches of snow this winter as we hardly get any snows this winter and that is unfortunate because it’s unhealthy for our soils.

Tidbits 1, This Is The Beginning.



I am starting to realize that I have run out of some ideas to write about something or on lately because where I made a goal that I would either write a couple of articles every two days or one article per day which is what I have done lately, at least most of the times but in the results of that is are making myself to run out of some ideas on what to write about, on something or to write some review. That is one of the reason I added a new feature some weeks ago where everyone can submit some of the ideas for me to write about or on or to write some reviews for some of the people which can be found¬†here but the problem with that is it’s starting to get crowded because it’s full of spam, there are about 30-40% of submissions are from some of the people who submitted the ideas for me to write about or on, or to write some reviews and the other percent is spam and the real submissions from the people with ideas are being overcrowded by spammers which makes it a bit harder for me to narrow the submissions that is submitted by the people with ideas. The submissions where people submitted some of the ideas for me to write about or on is through e-mail system and most of you know how e-mail is these days, e-mails are easily being spammed everyday and there is no way to stop from getting spam – no now, no however and impossible to stop receiving spam in the e-mails until someone becomes a genius and invented a system that would stop every spam from coming in to everyone’s e-mails.

Turn your home into smart home!

Smart Home explanation!The technology is taking over the human beings and everything else as we know it even if some of us want to deny that fact but the technology is taking over everything regardless what you think and there is upside and downside about that. As most of you know that America is growing drastically in technology especially that the technology has improved a lot lately, not only with smartphone and tablets but there is already growing in counts of vehicles that runs on the battery purely and the engine is the electronics along with increasing upgrades in technology for aviation as well which is airplanes in case some of you don’t know what aviation word is and the military is on a roll with upgrading technology as well.

Listening to music again.

For very lengthy period I don’t keep up with the music, I wasn’t into music much so I never keep up with who is the new musician or what new songs they have produced lately. The latest of songs that I know of is 90s music so basically any time that’s newer than 90s I have no clue what is going on in the music world, if I am ever in mood of listening to music I would only listen to my old music which is mostly rock or heavy metal especially musician like Metallica, White Snake, Motley Cruel, Guns N’ Rose, Lynyard Skynyrd and other similar so yes I am quite out of sync with music lately.

Until now ever since I have new headphone and speaker from my mother for my birthday which were as most of you now know March 18th considering that I have written an article about my 27th birthday. In case if you didn’t read that article to know what headphone and speaker am I talking about? I got beats pro headphone and beats pill. Please note that I am hard of hearing so I had purchased and tested several headphones to see which one that I am able to hear – before we start talking about headphone, because I am sure that you wonder how can I hear through the headphone if I am hard of hearing? Hard of hearing is different from deaf, almost entirely but still same culture. But with hard of hearing disability doesn’t mean that I absolutely cannot hear anything, it just means that I have very difficult with hearing especially from anything that’s low volume such as humans voice but I can hear anything that’s something alerting enough to be loud like siren, alarms, train horn and few of vehicles horn depending on the loudness some vehicles horn is.