Google Glass $1,500 worth $150!

Google Glass logoAs most of us know what or who is Google that is search engine, right? Wrong! Because Google has become a company that sells products and has more products than just a search engine that it’s supposed to be and used to be but it has become a company now as they have several popular products such as Android for many of smartphones and tablets as well but not only that they have recently developed their own laptop for anyone who is a fan of Google to have which is called Chromebook or familiar which is awesome laptop by the way especially for the ones who want to use it as a work laptop but as entertainment laptop like music, movies, games and others all into one? Look somewhere else like HP which is my favorite maker of computers. Not to forget to mention that Google also has an awesome internet browser Chrome and there is many more products that Google owned and YouTube is another one as you know it’s one of the most popular website that we probably use daily for our pleasure or to monetize especially YouTube partnership which I am one of them so basically Google has become a technology company from just a search engine website which is their most popular product still. Speaking of technology that Google is inventing and developing, recently they developed a technology that takes it to next level that anybody can ever imagine and that is Google Glass and Google Glass is either sunglasses or glasses that can use prescribed lens with a machine hooked to it – think of it as a small computer if you will.

Beef Jerky: Mingua.

Almost every one of us cannot ever resist having some beef jerky, especially real and fresh deer jerky after hunting deers. I am long-time deer hunter especially whitetail here in Kentucky, every deer hunters know that the deer jerky is a must to have stocked in every vehicles we have and some in our lunchbox or bags wherever we go. Although there are some of the people who dislike deer jerky or beef jerky period especially the ones who are against hunting animals to survive, like PETA and other organization when they simply have no idea that sometime hunting animals to survive from going hungry and several of us people cannot just eat vegetables or fruits which make no sense in my opinion but again it’s entirely up to people whatever they prefer to eat or not to eat as every one including myself have our own preferences.

Yahoo! wants to compete YouTube.

This morning I was reading some news on Google news of course, as my usual news source. There were only maybe two or three news articles that interests me enough to read and one of them were the one about Yahoo! search engine is thinking about to set up YouTube rival to compete the most video sharing website which is YouTube. Quite interesting news article I must say, and it does make me think a bit about it considering that Google competitor is Yahoo since both is search engines and have other features such as e-mail, news, auto, stock and many others.

My favorite would be of course, undoubtedly Google. Only search engine that I always get what I need and is accurate the most of time. However Yahoo is a good alternative I must say, and I used to use Yahoo all the time several years ago when I started using dial-up and first using the internet ever several years ago when I was a teenager, ah how I miss these days especially using the popular product belongs to Yahoo! which I am sure that most of you remember what it is, yes that is right! Yahoo Messenger.