Williamson, WV Citizens Angered!

There are some updates on the issues so keep checking this article for more new information on this matter and the updates can be found below at nearly the bottom in this article. Thank you.

In the state of West Virginia in United States of America, there is a small city called Williamson with population of 3,090 in 2013 Census with few of business such as banking, clothing store, pawn shop, courthouse, police station with jail, post office, one gas station, few numbers of local restaurants and no more than four or five clubs for the residents in city of Williamson pleasure especially on the weekends along with other local business including tires shop, water and sewage, fire department, hospital etc. Ever since the 2013 census for the population in city of Williamson, past two years the city of Williamson have declined for the numbers in population but the business have been increased and the city of Williamson have few of events for the residents of Williamson such as parades, run marathons, king coal and others to bring in tourists to help the economy for the city of Williamson in the state of West Virginia. The city of Williamson in West Virginia have been steady for few years until last week when a business made an announcement to the city of Williamson in West Virginia that quickly painted the entire city of Williamson red as it have angered the entire population in the city of Williamson to the point that the citizens in city of Williamson had no choice but to protest against the business in the city of Williamson in the state of West Virginia because it is unfair to the citizens in city of Williamson.

Warning: Heartbleed bug.

Ever since the heartbleed bug went into trending over the internet and that word went viral which was quite unbelievable especially how many news and websites announced about heartbleed and recommending each one of you to install heartbleed bug into your websites. Ever since the news and other websites comes out discussing about heartbleed I wasn’t so sure of it and my instincts had told me that it’s not safe because I had a feeling that it were made by governments (NSA) that would gather information from people through the internet because for several days I have read news about how NSA begin to hack or gather all kinds of information they can get from you all and it turns out that my instinct were right which that surprised me because I almost thought it was a safe but glad that I went with my instinct. Now about the bug so-called heartbleed that spread over on the internet and went viral on several popular websites among other news isn’t safe as it said it is if you install it and almost every website you visit recommending you to install it and the ones of you who didn’t install it then you are very lucky and I am glad for that.

Polaris XP is in the shop.

Well. As I have been driving for a while, about 11 miles so far. I have drove it on the road and the mountain, yesterday I had to take it to the shop because it caused a problem. The problem is the EPS. Power steering, when I was driving even at slow and also steady speed the steering starting to get harder and harder, almost locked me out twice. And the EPS indicator shown every now and then. Hopefully, I will have it back tomorrow. If you are wondering what model and such. Mine is 2010 Polaris Sportman 550 XP EFI with of course EPS. But I still favorite Polaris, I have always love Honda but I am starting to move onto Polaris. I still own my 2002 Honda Rubicon, so right now I am driving my old one until my new Polaris gets out of the shop. Hopefully the warranty will covers the hours of their working and including the new parts if they find anything wrong with the EPS.