Busy, busy and busy.

Hey guys! How are every one of you doing, any one of you been something that is very interesting or something to embarrass yourselves lately? I have been very busy lately, more busy than I thought I would be especially today because I had a lot of things to do today which was in the afternoon I had to go out to Belfry Middle School but it used to be Belfry High School which that is the school I graduated before it became a middle school after the Belfry High School found a new place and built an even bigger building. Had to go there to take some photographs done for my mother as she was looking for some pictures of the Belfry Middle School because that is where she works at and takes pride in herself working there as well since she has worked there for several years especially ever since I was in first or second grade in early 90s. After I finished taking some photographs of the building along with the landscape then came straight back home, I had to clean my DSLR and lens as well because I would always clean them now and then so to keep them in great condition and not to ruin the quality of the pictures especially keeping the lens clean as possible. Then after I cleaned my camera gears I had to start installing my old adobe master collection CS3 since after getting this computer last Christmas I kept forgetting to install them as I need them for my photography works but I have used lightroom 4-5 lately until I decided that I want to do something more than just adjusting the quality or such on the images, and then in between of install several CDs I had to step away to eat some dinner but I almost didn’t have any chance to write an article which I am actually writing this article in a hurry because I usually start writing an article in early evening but at that time I was busy.

Selfie is so overrated!

SelfieEver since the booming industries that manufacture some of the smartphones or tablets with two cameras for on the back of the devices and on the front of the devices, technology is going crazy lately which gives everyone a way to come up with something new that no one has done yet especially when it comes to using the cameras on the either front or the back of the devices. For a while ever since the first smartphone came out that has two cameras for both front and back then later the tablets starts coming out with both cameras for the front and back as well so ever since that have happened there has increased numbers of people who likes taking some of the photographs of something that they sees or taking some photographs of themselves along with some of their friends or their family. What bothers me is ever since the beginning of the devices that has both front/back cameras it turns several people into becoming more lazy to use the cameras like DSLR or even a compact digital camera anymore and got used to use their smartphone or tablets to snap some photographs but what they do not realize is that the cameras for smartphones or tablets are only meant to take a quick photograph at places and times that they didn’t have the DSLR or compact digital camera with them so the cameras for smartphones or tablets are there to take pictures of something that they wished they have the DSLR or any compact digital cameras with them if that make sense to you.