Google and Apple made truce.

Google and AppleAs most of you know that Apple is always in the battle with patient infringements especially from Samsung and recently Motorola which both uses Android which is developed from Google so Apple filed lawsuit against all top cell phone makers such as Samsung and Motorola because both infringed the patients that was filed by Apple. If some of you don’t know what patients means or how they works, they are like copyright or trademark but in different way such as when you invent something that no one else has and you want to protect your inventions then you file patients with United States patients so that nobody can copy your inventions and if they do in any way copy or clone your own invention then you have the full right to file lawsuit against anyone that copy your invention for compensation because your patients is being infringed by someone else then you have the case for patients infringement against the ones who is copying your invention and making the money from them which is against the law especially in patients part of law, hope that I clear that up for you but it is exactly what Apple is doing with Samsung and other top cell phone maker because they are copying Apple’s inventions and use their patients which is a big no-no at least in the eye of law.