Pokemon Festival in Williamson, Wv.

There is news by none other than Williamson Daily News have announced that the city of Williamson with the approval of the Mayor Calton will be throwing a festival on August, 20th Saturday from 6PM to 10:30PM calling it “Williamson Poke Fest 2016” for everyone who loves playing Pokemon Go game app on iOS or Android devices and that in the city of Williamson will be themed with Pokemon. Tonya Webb brought up the proposal with the idea of Pokemon theme to the mayor of the city Williamson in West Virginia along with the convention and Visitors Bureau so they then came up with the name for the festival calling it “Williamson Poke Fest 2016” which is a good slogan. Everybody is on board with that idea including the resides of Williamson, Wv along with the officials to have Williamson Poke Fest 2016 in Williamson town themed none other than Pokemon because since the launch of Pokemon Go game app several people have come to Williamson town daily just to play Pokemon Go because there is five designated PokeStops where anyone goes to get free items for every five minutes such as Pokemon balls, eggs and more. As for the festival, there will not only be just the people playing the Pokemon Go app to hunt some awesome Pokemon as there will be DJ that plays music for the people to dance and among others including the colored chalk on the sidewalks or streets for the children or adults to draw their favorite Pokemon as they say.

Trying out GarageBand on Macbook Pro.

Since some of you know that I am a drummer at heart, at least the real drum in life as I was a drummer from middle school to high school and I was one of selected seniors to represent for the last high school that I attended before it moved to another millions dollars new school building that they have just built that year. My band teacher is Michael Oliver, in fact he taught me musical since middle school as he teach band for both middle and high school so huge respect for him from me because he was very passionate when it comes to creating a beautiful instrumental music. Since I was taught by him in middle school, then went to high school I was pretty much already his go-to student since he taught me from middle school and when it come to learning the physics or technical of drums I am the guy for the band students to go to so I had responsibility. Kind of student’s body president or whatever you call it except for the band is what I were to the high school band but the nonetheless I hadn’t played drums for a few years as I graduated in 2005 so ever since I got a brand new Apple MacBook Pro which is the most expensive laptop there is especially when it comes to the base and I have garageband app on there so I decided to play around on it using the drum. I came up with so many errors that I am even surprised at myself over that but again it’s different using the keyboard to use the drums effect instead of using the drum sticks so that is a double whammy for me in some way. I decided to record very lengthy tracks of playing around with the drums to share with all of you here and remember as I said a lot of errors or some silence in between as I were trying to learn which is which and get used to it especially with using the keyboard. Here’s the sound of track, it’s 20 something minutes with different rhythm and enjoy.

Pops, Go Pops! Getting the grove on!

Just a few minutes ago I was surfing on Facebook under my personal account as usual which I always do so often and came across someone’s wall post on the Facebook that has a video that I thought amazing which I am sure that some of you will think so too after watching a video below if you haven’t stumbled upon the same video I watched a few minutes ago on Facebook. In this video you will see a guy who happens to be old and probably is old enough to either be your father or a grandfather depending on how old you are, getting his grove on with a couple of the women which is quite impressive especially for his age.



Sorry that this article isn’t the usual article that I write because today is my break from work and I am using that time I have for the day to enjoy, but I will be writing some articles that looks like articles. 🙂 I figured I should write this article quick to show you the video that I came across where the pops (not mine, somebody else) dancing at some sort of small concert or possibly a party with a couple of good-looking women but the pops surely getting his groves on nonetheless!

Apple wants to buy Beats company.

Beats Electronic LogoApple company is shopping to buy a company calls Beats and is set to make a deal for 3.2 billion dollars to acquire Beats Electronics company that makes excellent headphone is very expensive but everyone loves them and collects them and Beats is also a music company. They said that the acquisition would be announced sometime next week when Apple make a deal with Beats Electronic company which is going to be interesting especially that Apple is set to acquire them and it is said that it will be one of the biggest acquisition by Apple company who sells the famous smartphones and tablets such as Iphone, Ipad, Mac laptops and Ipod.

Apple Wants Beats!

There is a source that has confirmed that Apple is wanting to acquire Beats electronic company who co-founded by rapper artist Dre and someone from the source is not authorized to speak about it in the public, so I am guessing that someone in the source is either a worker from Apple or Beats electronic since a person said that he or she is not authorized to speak about the deal in the public and that we would have to wait for few days before we can hear this in the public although the person from inside said that it is confirmed deal for Apple to acquire Beats electronics.

Gorillaz from past to now.

Any one of you are a fan of a band called Gorillaz? Even if you aren’t you would still heard by them somewhere maybe on radio or on TV,  but Gorillaz were a successful band especially the fact that it’s done through voices (think toy story). Recently I started to have some craving for Gorillaz to listen because I haven’t heard them for long time until today and it bought the memory back of how successful they were and some of the people used to idolize them even though they may not be real persons because the band is cartoon or anime or some sort and every one of them had a voice-over. It’s quite strange how they used to be through now because it’s quite different.

Before it was cartoon when we didn’t have all technology to do what we can do today and in this case Gorillaz improved. Being that they are animated, they went on stage! How?! Hologram! This drives people crazy of course, no reason it shouldn’t give anyone crazy. However lately they haven’t made any new released songs as I hoped they would be but who knows maybe in the future they would considering that they hadn’t made any new songs for few years until Stylo song.



(With Bruce Willis)

And then they went onto the stage!

(With Madonna)

Listening to music again.

For very lengthy period I don’t keep up with the music, I wasn’t into music much so I never keep up with who is the new musician or what new songs they have produced lately. The latest of songs that I know of is 90s music so basically any time that’s newer than 90s I have no clue what is going on in the music world, if I am ever in mood of listening to music I would only listen to my old music which is mostly rock or heavy metal especially musician like Metallica, White Snake, Motley Cruel, Guns N’ Rose, Lynyard Skynyrd and other similar so yes I am quite out of sync with music lately.

Until now ever since I have new headphone and speaker from my mother for my birthday which were as most of you now know March 18th considering that I have written an article about my 27th birthday. In case if you didn’t read that article to know what headphone and speaker am I talking about? I got beats pro headphone and beats pill. Please note that I am hard of hearing so I had purchased and tested several headphones to see which one that I am able to hear – before we start talking about headphone, because I am sure that you wonder how can I hear through the headphone if I am hard of hearing? Hard of hearing is different from deaf, almost entirely but still same culture. But with hard of hearing disability doesn’t mean that I absolutely cannot hear anything, it just means that I have very difficult with hearing especially from anything that’s low volume such as humans voice but I can hear anything that’s something alerting enough to be loud like siren, alarms, train horn and few of vehicles horn depending on the loudness some vehicles horn is.