MSN Messenger Is Out!

MSN Messenger LogoHey guys, I know I haven’t been writing some articles lately although I announced that the last week that it is possible that I would be taking a break from blogging as in general so it is not only here because for some reason my brain wasn’t functioning well like it used to be. When I say my brain isn’t functioning well like it used to be I mean that I have been out of ideas on what to write about or on something because I have written so many that I ran out of ideas for what to write about or on and I am still out of ideas on what to write about or on but I decided that I am going to try to push myself to write an article about something because I don’t want to leave all of you hanging for too long as I have missed you all. Keep that in mind that I still will change my schedule or more so my method on blogging because if I write several articles a week that will cause me to empty out of some ideas to write so what I will do is write an article when I finally have an idea what to write about or on which that can be daily, one every two days, one every three days, one every four days and or one a week I don’t know so that is all depends on when I finally come up with an idea on what to write about or on. But enough of me, how have all of you been doing lately? I hope that every one of you are doing better than myself as long as you all are staying out of trouble because it is never a good thing to get in trouble for something which I have many of times when I was a teenager.

FaceBook requires separated apps.

FaceBook app for IOS and Android and as well other software for smartphone and tablets are requiring every users to download and install a separate app if you want to chat with your friends that you have on your friends list on FaceBook. Recently FaceBook released an announcement saying that they will start forcing every FaceBook users to download the FaceBook Messenger to chat with your friends because FaceBook says that the chat on FaceBook alone app is being removed from FaceBook app itself only the way you can be able to chat with your friends is you must have FaceBook messenger app for IOS, Android and other softwares to chat with your family and friends now. According to this news source that I was reading few minutes ago says that the reason FaceBook has decide to do this way is to monetize more revenue if using separated apps between FaceBook alone app and FaceBook Messenger.

Here’s the article letting every one who is on FaceBook to know about FaceBook forcing all of its users to download and install FaceBook messenger if they wish to chat with their family or friends: FaceBook Is Forcing All Users To Download Messenger By Ripping Out Of Its Main Apps by