National Association of the Deaf: It’s Time!

I know that I have written a couple or three about the organization, National Association of the Deaf (NAD) but I have not written anything about National Association of the Deaf for a few months and I believe that I must write another one as this is important that I talk about National Association of the Deaf a bit. Before I get into it, I want to share a bit information about the organization calls National Association of the Deaf or NAD for short with some of you guys and mix history with it a little. National Association of the Deaf is a civil rights and human rights organization just like some of other organizations such as National Rifle Association that represents for the people who owns guns for hunting or for protection. National Association of the Deaf represents for the Deaf community, people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am Deaf myself, I am one of over a million Deaf people here in the United States who happens to be oppressed and discriminated daily so National Association of the Deaf is there to make sure that the Deaf community have the same rights as everybody else. That sounds all good doesn’t it? That we have an organization who protect our rights as Deaf American and making sure that we have equal access that everybody else has such as having access to a phone that we can make a call to anyone we wish with a technology that was invented for our use calls Video Relay Service, making sure that we can have the same pleasure watching some movies or television shows on our television with closed captions just the same way for others with audio.

Ethics: Color Me White.

The other day I decided to tune in a news channel on my television to see the latest current events and to see if there is anything new going on in politics especially the United States or the world too. Almost all the news that I caught on the television the other day isn’t so new to me especially with the debates going on for the presidential candidates which is something that I am rarely interested of and then finally there was news that caught my attention after being annoyingly patient watching almost an hour of the news because sometimes I don’t want to miss anything out as I realizes that sometimes when I started watching some news in the beginning that there weren’t anything interesting enough for me to the point that I changed the channel unknowingly that there would be some interesting news on the way within’ few minutes after watching the beginning of the news on television. The news that caught my attention was that the University of Missouri got the students protesting against the University of Missouri because they have radical problems going on around at the University of Missouri campus with their administration especially the systems president Tim Wolfe I believe where the students are saying that there have been some racist incidents going on around in the University of Missouri campus and the racist incidents are being ignored by the administration at University of Missouri which ignited the angry in the students that attends the University of Missouri.

Club for ATV, SXS and Dirt Bike.

On memorial day I have decided to found a club for all the people love to go trails riding with their toys such as ATV, SXS (Side By Side) and dirt bikes. For some weeks I have been in discussion with only very a few of the people about a name for the club until I came to the name that I thought it would be a good name for the club especially trying to come up with the name of the club that would be meaningful and suits all of riders because in the beginning of going over the name for the club all of riders were in mind. Finally I have come up with the name of the club which I have announced when I made an announcement over on social media that I have founded a club for all the riders because in this area and several miles radius has no club for the trails riders. By areas I mean both Pike County in Kentucky and Mingo County in West Virginia specifically but there are more than both of these counties though. When I came up with the name for the club, since I am web developer I decided to secretly started building a club website for whoever would like to join the club and on the day when I announced that I have founded the club I also launched the club website as well so to have everything ready.