Deaf Cultural Genocide

I am way behind on the hot topic and news on the Deaf community in general, mainly because I have been very busy lately and I could never find the time to write an article anywhere including my blog here but at least I will share my thought about this topic “Deaf Cultural Genocide” that was going around a few weeks ago. That would be better than not sharing any thoughts of mine on that topic so here I am to give a piece of my thought on the topic that was trending in the Deaf community, several weeks ago an associate professor at Gallaudet University wrote an article stating that if anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing decides to participate in the medical or science research that supposedly cure deafness by receiving genetic therapy that they would allow a form of cultural genocide and it would be unethical of them to do so. There are medical research labs or sciences especially that specialize in stem cells, compete to come up with a proven cure to eliminate the deafness either at birth or at some minimum to maximum ages for anyone who want to have the ability to hear and or that the child who was discovered Deaf after the birth to have the ability to hear at the parents’ request/wishes.

Very tired & mom’s surgery.

Hey you guys. How is everybody doing tonight, I am sure that everybody is mostly asleep at this time. This week has been a bit of stressful for me because my mother had underwent a surgery for her gallbladder removal due to gallstone and it was successful, I hope. She gets to come home on the same day of the surgery although after the surgery she was in probably the most painful she has ever felt and as well I have ever seen, bless her heart. It has been three days so far, she is still in pain and yesterday was probably the worst one because she was in very bad shape as her stomach were hurting her very badly and her temperature went out the roof and had a fever all day long and night which that it made it worse and she doesn’t like the pain medicine they gave her because it makes her ill more than ever. What they did for surgery was that they used some kind of laser/tube going through her belly hole and gone up to where her gallbladder were to remove the gallbladder along with very small cuts here and there, I think about an inch of four cuts or five. Ever since her surgery, she could barely eat anything or drink and had a bit of difficult to breath and as well walking although she is walking a little bit of here and there and trying to eat and as well drink until she couldn’t anymore. I never had any problem with my gallbladder and the way I have witnessed how my mom is going through with her gallbladder being removed, I sure hope that I will never need to have my gallbladder to be removed and for myself, I probably take it worse than her because she is quite a strong woman, stronger than myself.