Happy 9th Birthday To JoshiesWorld!

Today marks the 9th anniversary since JoshiesWorld brand was born, back at that time I had intended that JoshiesWorld would be only just a small information website about me but I felt that it wasn’t fitting for the name of JoshiesWorld because hence it’s my world so I came up with an idea that I’d start a blog then from there I became a blogger/journalist. Joshie is a nickname of mine, adding the world is my world and the outcome of that is I share everything that’s going on in my eyes or my thoughts with you guys while writing some breaking news before they became the breaking news as I have written a couple or three breaking news from the year of 2007 to this day. JoshiesWorld was born on August 8th, 2007 and since then it have become my baby. Even though my name is involved but it is you all who helps it grows larger and larger daily so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that as you guys have read each articles I have written on here. For some of these who don’t know, JoshiesWorld went crashing down back in 2010 after three years blogging and I decided that it was too much so I gave it a rest for a few months but then I decided for JoshiesWorld to come back stronger than ever so here it is since the year of late 2010 to 2016 running 24/7/365. I am proud of what I have accomplished, even though the accomplishments may be a little but better than none and these accomplishments cannot be done without you guys so again I thank you.

Readers, just a regular day.

Hello to every one of you who is reading this article, as usual I would always write an article about something every two days but I haven’t found or heard anything that is interesting enough for me to write about something or on which that is putting me in a tough spot where I have nothing to write about or on but that is normal as every bloggers always struggle to come up with something to write about. I have absolutely nothing to write about which I had decided that I would make this exceptional that I would skip this time to write an article about something or on but then I felt that I wanted to come here to tell every one of you that I am sorry I am not being able to write an article and that I have made a promise that I would at least write an article every two days so making this count as one article even if it’s not important or not about anything that everyone is expecting out of me but this time unfortunately I cannot think of anything to write as my mind is blank at the moment and it has been blank lately. So I hope that you don’t mind if I would skip then I can give myself a rest that I needed because everyday I have gone through many of things trying to come up with something to write about and that isn’t easy thing to do because usually it would take me an entire day to try to find some interesting information that I can use to write about.