Pokemon Festival in Williamson, Wv.

There is news by none other than Williamson Daily News have announced that the city of Williamson with the approval of the Mayor Calton will be throwing a festival on August, 20th Saturday from 6PM to 10:30PM calling it “Williamson Poke Fest 2016” for everyone who loves playing Pokemon Go game app on iOS or Android devices and that in the city of Williamson will be themed with Pokemon. Tonya Webb brought up the proposal with the idea of Pokemon theme to the mayor of the city Williamson in West Virginia along with the convention and Visitors Bureau so they then came up with the name for the festival calling it “Williamson Poke Fest 2016” which is a good slogan. Everybody is on board with that idea including the resides of Williamson, Wv along with the officials to have Williamson Poke Fest 2016 in Williamson town themed none other than Pokemon because since the launch of Pokemon Go game app several people have come to Williamson town daily just to play Pokemon Go because there is five designated PokeStops where anyone goes to get free items for every five minutes such as Pokemon balls, eggs and more. As for the festival, there will not only be just the people playing the Pokemon Go app to hunt some awesome Pokemon as there will be DJ that plays music for the people to dance and among others including the colored chalk on the sidewalks or streets for the children or adults to draw their favorite Pokemon as they say.

BallFork Mountain.

Last weekend we have decided that we would go riding on four wheelers as I own ATVs or some just prefer to call them four wheelers but I like to call them ATV because when you say four wheelers, most of times the trucks comes to mind although ATV can be called four-wheeler as well so sometimes it’s a bit confusing when it comes to talking about four-wheeler because sometimes people would think it means truck and sometimes people would think it means ATV. So calling them ATV would be more straightforward in my opinion, hence they are classified that and what more it can be confusing too because some people calls the side by side ATV as well but they are classified as UTV which is what I also like to call them myself; UTV stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle and ATV is All-Terrain Vehicle. Nonetheless back to the subject, Ballfork Mountain which is a very beautiful mountain that I like going to as much as I can when I have the time or energy to do so and Ballfork Mountain is found in Blackberry, Kentucky which is here in the United States so if you ever decide to come visiting the United States for trail riding on either ATV or UTV/SXS I would highly recommend that Ballfork Mountain is one of few to check out and they have plenty of mileage that you can cover which is what makes it more fun because in my opinion that wherever has a trail that’s made for ATV/UTV with a couple of hundreds or more miles to ride for is worthy to check out.

Personalize business under construct.

Personalize JoshiesWorld Logo

It is known that I have looked for some partner in distributing personalized items for JoshiesWorld such as T-shirt, Baseball hat, Mugs, Mousepad and others for a while and I did came across to two companies that personalize some of the stuffs I would like to have for JoshiesWorld but the problem is that they were asking too much or they are not nearby in case if I run out of stock and some of the people wants them because I don’t like keeping anyone waiting especially that the shipping takes a few of days depending on which shipping company they prefer. Then I had a discussion with my mother about some of the options I could consider because I always like to have a second opinion when it comes to choosing something that is very important and this is one of them and the one option out of few options was to buy the equipment myself to make t-shirt, baseball hat, mugs, mousepad and others for JoshiesWorld so I looked around online to see the cost of equipment and they were very expensive but it would be a good investment in a long run if you make a commitment to it so I choose that option and bought the equipment and necessary things to personalize anything I wish for JoshiesWorld.

Business preferences for some.

Business Piggy WigglyThere are several businesses around today and many more of businesses are opening everyday which means more competitors that either hurts some of the businesses or shut out some of the businesses. Several new businesses is actually worse than the old businesses such as convince stores, gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores, factories and many type of others for businesses and everyone have their own preference especially when it comes to choosing which one to go to rather than the rest of other businesses. While it is great that there are many of new businesses opening because that means there is more jobs for hiring and this increase the rate of employments, but the downside is that it is also causing many of old businesses to lay off several of their employees which is a bit funny how it goes but the question is which old businesses or new businesses would be more necessary or which one would have more numbers of jobs? That is very great but a hard question and that gives every one of us something to think about or to figure out the answer to that question, but either way the new businesses are hurting the old businesses at least in my opinion.

Coal and EPA.

Every one of you who residents in Kentucky and West Virginia as these two states are known for coal states more than anything. When you hear, see or smell the coals then the chance is they are coming from Kentucky and West Virginia which they used to power the utilities such as your electricity in your home and or your business. Here in Kentucky and as well West Virginia has been the ones who power the most important things in your homes and your business otherwise you wouldn’t have any electricity or customers/clients however that changed now since they have found another way to power the electricity by using natural gasoline and that is what are hurting the history of coals in Kentucky and West Virginia.

The governments especially the white house has put several workers in the coals out work, what they don’t know is that in Kentucky and West Virginia we breath in and out the coals and believe it, we like to breath through them. We lives on coal for several years, we born with coals and the coals are in our bloods especially in Kentucky and West Virginia however the other states may not understand what this means but only if some of you who residents outside Kentucky and West Virginia has ever lived in one of these state then you would understand my point. Now me, myself I am grew all of my life in Kentucky which is the king of coal along with West Virginia but I am Kentuckian nonetheless.