Dear President-Elect Donald Trump

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump.

I have thought for several hours on whether I should bother to write this or not but I have decided that a few important matters cannot be as easily dismissed so I have decided to write this public letter to you, President-Elect Donald Trump. Before I can begin, I would like to say that you may or may not acknowledge that I am not a fan of you being one of candidates for presidency here the United States and on my conscience I could not simply vote you to become the next President of the United States. I am one of millions who have voted Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States, while you understand that I have the right to vote whomever I feel that the person would be better at presidency than any other candidates including yourself but unfortunately Hillary Clinton could not get enough electoral votes. Though the candidate I voted for may have lost the presidency does not means that I would not accept that you have won the presidency, I humbly accept you to be the next President of the United States and I am looking forward to what you can do for the Americans. The reason I rooted and voted for Hillary Clinton is because I am a Democrat but if I was a Republican then you would have been my choice but I share the interests and ideology more with the Democratic party than I am with Republican party though. Nonetheless I would like to congratulate you on your win for presidency here in the United States, I hope that what you said throughout your campaign that you want the government to be for, of and by the people instead of for the, of and by the business or corporations which is what Republicans are known for in my opinion but I hope that you prove me wrong with that as I am giving you a chance.

Readers: Thank you very much!

Hey guys, this is not going to be a usual articles that I write about different subjects especially technology or reviewing some products and sharing my opinions as this is just a personal article I have decided to write. I would like for all of you to know that I truly appreciate for your loyalty to JoshiesWorld and thank every one of you because all of you give me the courage to write more and more everyday. JoshiesWorld has been growing drastically ever since a month or two ago because before that time I was not a serious writer or wanted to be a blogger until a month ago or couple and decided to devote as much as my time writing many more articles because many of articles I have written several months ago I have promised many times that I would start write more articles but I break that promise often because I thought I could push myself to write but couldn’t and before I wasn’t able to write as many as articles I have lately since the last month I have wrote a hundred articles which is a huge change because before that I used to only write one or two articles monthly.