Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Joshie, JoshiesWorld founder and blogger speaking out to all of you readers, fans or friends whichever you prefer but in my mind all of you are friends even may of you may be strangers because I don’t know you although you may know me a bit through here. I wanted to make a blog post to tell every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and that I hope all of you have a great day! I am certain that most of you will because it involves a full table of delicious foods right?! One of few things to be thankful for, to have foods to fed and to be able to share the foods with your family while sharing some memories with each others which is a very precious thing to have. Me? I used to look forward to thanksgiving every year because that means I get to visit my grandparent’s house, eat large amounts of foods and spend the time with the grandparents along with the rest of the family as my grandparents house were the place that everyone in the family to be at on the thanksgiving day. But unfortunately, I no longer looking forward to thanksgiving which that means I have lost interests for the thanksgiving for a few years now although the traditional of having thanksgiving foods carries on as a I refuses that traditional to be broken even if it’s a day earlier or on the day of Thanksgiving or the day after the Thanksgiving but no longer or earlier than that.

Happy 8th Birthday to JoshiesWorld!

Today marked 8th years of JoshiesWorld.com website as I have founded JoshiesWorld.com and JoshiesWorld branding as well in August 7th 2007 so it is eight (8) years old for JoshiesWorld today! Ever since the day I founded JoshiesWorld was the day I became a blogger myself where I could share valuable information with everybody else out there in the whole world that no other opinions websites or news would share due to the fear of making their branding to look bad which is something that I am against because negative things can help the people instead of being positive all the time which that can get very boring and beside if balance out in between positive and negative then that hits the chord for all readers. I take pride in that because I want everybody to know what news outlet or editorials doe not want anyone to know, I will tell you as I sees it and they will tell you with censorship which that is something I am very much against because in my opinion that everybody has the right to know even if it is something negative. But nonetheless I will share with every one of you about my blogging and JoshiesWorld later but right now I want to say happy 8th birthday to JoshiesWorld which it became successful thanks to the fans as if it were not for the fans then I would not be able to make my dream to come true for becoming a blogger. If you have any questions about JoshiesWorld then please do feel free to leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to answer all of your questions whenever I have the time to do so as my schedule is hectic at the moment.

Outside of JoshiesWorld.

Hey guys! How have every one of you been doing lately ever since the last two days ago, ever since the last two days I wrote an article about video relay service? I hope every one of you are doing wonderful, I am doing wonderful myself and my family are doing well too which something that I am very thankful more than anything. I wasn’t planning on to write an article for today because I am too exhausted to be writing an article which this is why I decide to make a new article here, this is a personal or announcement one but I feel that I should let every one of you know that there are another blog I write that is outside of here JoshiesWorld.com so I want to make sure that all of you have all of access to my blogs as there are two I use the most which is here and one over at Google Blogspot service. I use my official weblog to post something that I think it is serious or something that it is important, over at Google Blogspot I only blog there for the short or a quick writing so if I am going to write only a few lines or sentences on a blog then obviously it will be over at Google Blogspot service and something serious, important or long is right here. Just like this article which is a short and sweet as I would do at Google Blogspot so I suggest that all of you if you are fans of JoshiesWorld to subscribe or bookmark my Google Blogger/Blogspot blog which is TheJoshiesWorld.BlogSpot.com I would greatly appreciate if you all do!

JoshiesWorld Can Do Live!

Yesterday I have decided to implement a feature on here at JoshiesWorld, which is an awesome feature that possibly suits for every one of us including myself and the feature that I implement here is the live stream blog style like you would live stream a video at some service such as YouTube or Twitch for some gamers. I was working on it for few hours ago as I had nothing to do last night so I decided to come up with an idea to be able to do something more here at JoshiesWorld, while I was surfing around on Twitter then I checked out some of the hashtags that has live feature where tweeters are able to tweet on Twitter live and I thought that it’d be good idea to do something like that on here except a blog style live that doesn’t limit characters because Twitter only allows you to type 140 characters. The reason I thought it would be good idea to have that feature on here for JoshiesWorld is hopefully to help JoshiesWorld to go further than it is at right now but you never know though.

I don’t know how many bloggers who has this feature on their blogs, I am sure that there are some blogs has something like that because if I thought of it then there is a chance that it exists and even though with this feature is added to JoshiesWorld does not means that I am quitting Twitter because I am never going to quit tweeting.

Moving Hosting.

In case if some of you were wondering why JoshiesWorld.com were down for about a day and half, the answer to that question is that I have decided to move to another provider for a server to host websites I run. I was with one company for several years until a couple or three days ago they have decided that they would discontinue a specific plan that I only liked so they left me no choice but to find a new home to run my websites and I hate moving especially when it comes to migrating websites with databases repeatedly until I find a provider that I am comfortable with the most. I have researched heavily to who I should be comfortable with and found a provider that sparked my interest especially after a long chat with one of their salesperson who was very convincing especially making sure that they meets my requirements. When it comes to hosting the most important I looked for is the security then the second is the loading time which it seems to be fair enough for me to be comfortable with especially at my budget.

Readers, just a regular day.

Hello to every one of you who is reading this article, as usual I would always write an article about something every two days but I haven’t found or heard anything that is interesting enough for me to write about something or on which that is putting me in a tough spot where I have nothing to write about or on but that is normal as every bloggers always struggle to come up with something to write about. I have absolutely nothing to write about which I had decided that I would make this exceptional that I would skip this time to write an article about something or on but then I felt that I wanted to come here to tell every one of you that I am sorry I am not being able to write an article and that I have made a promise that I would at least write an article every two days so making this count as one article even if it’s not important or not about anything that everyone is expecting out of me but this time unfortunately I cannot think of anything to write as my mind is blank at the moment and it has been blank lately. So I hope that you don’t mind if I would skip then I can give myself a rest that I needed because everyday I have gone through many of things trying to come up with something to write about and that isn’t easy thing to do because usually it would take me an entire day to try to find some interesting information that I can use to write about.