Not M.I.A. And Passion in Blogging

I know I haven’t made a blog post anywhere for about two weeks now, I barely have any time to do so and I have dealt with some of the things outside the internet which I prefer to not share what it is. I have struggled to find some time to write a blog post, I realize that trying to write a blog post on schedule is an issue for me and it is stressing so after having some thought today about what I should do about that. I have utmost passion in blogging, I became blogger in the year of 2004 to be exact although I did blog back in 1999 I believe on a free websites service which I cannot remember the name of the service but I think it was or similar name as that when I gave blogging a try and wrote the first blog post to share my feelings for that girl I was with at that time which is a bit corny now that I looks back to that day but I only wrote one blog post then forget about it until the year of 2004 I invested more of my time into it and become a guest blogger from there. Fast-forward to the year of 2007 when I acquired, setting it up as a blogging brand and rolled with it since then so in August coming will be 10th anniversary for JoshiesWorld. I have written more than a thousand blog posts since, not just on JoshiesWorld but also as a guest blogger for others until they decided that they no longer want to run a blog and shut it down so luckily, I had JoshiesWorld to fall back on. This was in the year 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember which one but I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had at that time because it gave me an idea of what I want to do and that is to blog or to be an editorial or columnist for a local news and whatnot.

AdBlock Hurts Bloggers And Others.

Some of you may already know what AdBlock is but for some those of you who have no clue what is AdBlock, for those of you who have no clue about AdBlock or what it is all about then please stop reading this article because you are the reason that we bloggers and some of the others such as YouTubers (YouTube Users), people who owns websites that runs such as bulletin messages board (forum), personal website (biography, info-media, etc) or the likes but generally for who owns website regardless what they uses them for continue to keeping up with their websites. Especially for us bloggers who provides contents such as articles to you at no cost and YouTubers keeps uploading awesome videos on regular basis to their YouTube channels because our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read some of our articles on our weblogs or watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel(s). That is right, I said it that our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read any articles that we have written and any videos that we have uploaded to our channels on YouTube. How? You can thank advertisements that you sees on our weblogs, websites or our videos on YouTube as advertisements through certain publishing/advertising services such as Adsense owned by Google or owned by Yahoo/Bing that allows us to monetize our works that we have published online for your pleasure without charging any of you.

Blogging With Pay.

For some of you know one of my few hobbies that I love very much doing which is blogging and if you ask what is it, blogging is where you would write any kinds of topics online that you’d like to share by publishing your written articles or posts to millions of the people in worldwide. Blogger are practically writer, journalist, author or other names you could think of but only way to be a blogger is to write articles or posts on regular basis online and no it doesn’t mean that if you’re writing some topics on a physical paper qualify you a blogger even they are the same thing but the only difference is online and offline. I have blogged for several years now, ever since the year of 2007 which is the birth date of JoshiesWorld and I blog for a living. There are thousands of bloggers so it is a lot of work because it means that I have thousands of competitors where I would have to try to rank up some of my niches as possible I can that some of the bloggers already own, such as if your niche is electronics then you google that word “electronics” you would see millions of searches so the challenge is whoever own that top 10 niche or even top 20 you would have to try to move up the rank so that the searchers sees your articles or post before the other bloggers.

Weblogs: Importance of blogging.

Today there are more than thousands weblogs and if you don’t know what are weblogs then they are fancy word/term for blogs. Right now you are reading an article on weblogs which this is my weblogs but it is fun hobby and it is also a job for some of the people depending on if some of the people like to blog for fun or to make a career out of it and there are good numbers of bloggers that are successful with their weblogs. To name a few of successful weblogs like Mashable, Perez Hilton, TMZ, ProBlogger and many others which all of them blogs on their weblogs for their career that brings in an income for all of them and every successful weblogs founders brings several thousands of dollars daily and can be up to a quarter of million dollars monthly as there are some weblogs founders brings these incomes easily and that isn’t surprising. All of founders has their own methods for how to run their weblogs successful which sometimes they don’t like to show their secrets but sometimes they are willing to show some of the secrets so to help out some beginners who just started their own weblogs that have the dreams to be successful so to bring a big paychecks because let’s face it, who doesn’t like paychecks? Exactly, no one who doesn’t like paychecks and besides these paychecks helps to pay their bills for their servers because successful weblogs who brings in millions of visitors daily must have expensive servers to handle the bandwidth and all the visitors otherwise they would be losing money if there is downtime on their weblogs.

Blogging is very complicated.

Blogging random image.Lately I have been started writing more articles as many as I possibly can as I have started this year resolution or a goal for this year is to have hundreds of articles written on here but the more articles I write it starts get a bit harder because often I started writing articles I get to the point that I am getting out of ideas on what to write. The more articles I write the more I am fresh out of ideas on what to write, so I struggle more than ever now. There is a lot of people who isn’t a blogger doesn’t understand how complicate it is to be a blogger, some think that it’s easy job to blog and let me tell you this personally it’s not easy because this is what I do everyday and if you do think it’s easy then go ahead and become a blogger. Write an article or two doesn’t mean you are an official blogger as you would have to build your skill as a blogger and have a blogging website to run.