Firefox for IOS.

Firefox for IOS by MozillaThe other day I was somewhat having a conversation with James who is a friend of mine about some internet browsers, ever since Google have created their own internet browser calls Chrome and Google Chrome immediately became a favorite internet browser for many people as Google’s internet browser Chrome is available for most platforms or operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS and obviously android since the android operating system created by Google too which is seen on many of today’s smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy or their Note. Chrome internet browser is also on Google’s operating system for desktop or laptop called Chrome too which is a clouding computer but their Chrome operating system computers doesn’t impressed me any and while I do have some respect for Google’s internet browser Chrome as I have used it sometimes but it’s just not my preference although I will say that Google’s internet browser Chrome does have impressive technical behind the Chrome internet browser itself. Again Google’s internet browser isn’t my preference and not using my favorite internet browser makes me feel naked as if you’re feeling naked without your watch. My favorite internet is Firefox created by Mozilla which has been my favorite internet browser ever since Mozilla first created the internet browser Firefox and still to this day I am using Mozilla Firefox as I am typing this article. Not just because of my loyalty but because of the technical inside of the Firefox internet browser which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking along with their amazing security built in the internet browser.

Microsoft fixes Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Internet ExplorerSome of you may recall that some days ago where the news about Microsoft internet explorer exploded all over on the internet that they had a huge hole in its internet especially the security where cyber attackers hacking every one in the entire world who uses Microsoft Internet Explorer and it became horror for everyone that uses computer and then later in a day or so we had our own governments in United States sending out warnings about internet explorer’s security being broken in by cyber attackers and advised every of us who uses internet explorer to not use internet explorer and use alternative internet browser which I wrote an article to help some of you to get alternative internet browser which can be found here until further notice. Not only that governments in United States warned every Americans to not use Microsoft internet explorer but also different nations governments warned their nation’s people about internet explorer and advised them to not use them and use alternative internet browser until Microsoft can fix the security problem that got broken in by cyber attackers.

Firefox Version 29.0 Update!

Firefox logoWhile I was surfing on the internet as I have been all day trying to get some ideas or think of something to write new articles on here for my readers and entire of the day today I have been very blank and couldn’t think of anything what to write about because I am starting to fresh out of the ideas on what to write about since I have written most of what I have wanted to write about lately and the problem is that I shouldn’t have written all of them at once but I did and the result of that is I am fresh out of ideas on what to write and I decided to look into technology news and saw an article about Google Chrome on some news and I saw one of the comment saying that Mozilla Firefox just now came out with a new update and I got excited quickly as I am always into Mozilla Firefox and went to the setting and clicked “About Firefox” which is where you can see what is the current version you are using on Firefox and there I saw that it’s saying there’s new update and that it is installing so I got excited and expecting to see maybe one or two new features or something minor but it’s not and the new update is HUGE change and I am utterly shocked at this moment as after I updated this browser and I got right on here to write about this update.

Firefox: Go Faster Hacks!

Firefox LogoIf you ever wonder if there is a way to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster such as boosting your internet speed for your Firefox and the answer to that question is absolutely, there is a way to make your Firefox experience to be a lot faster and if you are wanting to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster then I am going to help you to get your Firefox to go faster so you can have better experience in using Firefox as internet browser. While Mozilla Firefox is indeed number one internet browser already and as in other article I have written stated that Mozilla Firefox is already fast and is very safe to use to surf on the internet but there is a way to make it go faster though, to do so to make your Firefox to go faster you must hack your Firefox internet browser and when you do you must be extremely be careful with hacking because if you do something wrong then you would make a mess for Firefox and Firefox would either be unresponsive or extremely slow so please read my instructions very careful and do what I say, before I go into the instruction I would like to say that I did not create the hacks as these are very old hacks but still work flawlessly and beautifully.

Internet Browser: Which one better?

What application or software do we often use the most on desktop or laptop? Internet browser because that is the most important application or software to get things done for your computer such as downloading other software or application to be installed on your computer so you can do other stuff, if there is no internet browser then we probably won’t have anything on our computer unless you get the software directly a CD or flash drive so you can install software on your computer so you can do stuff with your computer. It doesn’t make any sense if we don’t have any internet browser, in reality without internet browser then the network connection would be pointless and having internet browser gives us the information we needs as well to research on something that we need to know so internet browser is the heart of internet. But there is one problem, there are numbers of internet browsers we need to choose to use.

FireFox 4 huge improvement!

Today I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox which is a internet browser that you can use the software to surf the internet with. A lot of people is missing out on Mozilla Firefox is simply because everybody didn’t know other internet browser brands exist, most of people think that Windows Internet Explorer that comes with all of computers or laptops that can be purchased from anywhere is only software to surf the internet with. Most common is that people don’t even know what internet browser is, that’s why they have no knowledge about the other brands since they don’t know what internet browser is, and this is actually what I am always wondering about is how come that all of computer or laptop that don’t includes Mozilla Firefox, I mean yes I understand that it’s coming from Microsoft company since all of the computers uses Microsoft operation system and Microsoft wants to only use their own internet browser which is windows internet explorer, but what aggravate me is that why wouldn’t they have it installed as additional software, most of Microsoft operating system even installed Netscape internet browser which is a beyond worse than Mozilla Firefox ever will be. Hopefully sometimes in future that they will start adding Mozilla Firefox to their Microsoft operating system anyway, since Mozilla Firefox offers its service for free.