Firefox for IOS.

Firefox for IOS by MozillaThe other day I was somewhat having a conversation with James who is a friend of mine about some internet browsers, ever since Google have created their own internet browser calls Chrome and Google Chrome immediately became a favorite internet browser for many people as Google’s internet browser Chrome is available for most platforms or operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS and obviously android since the android operating system created by Google too which is seen on many of today’s smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy or their Note. Chrome internet browser is also on Google’s operating system for desktop or laptop called Chrome too which is a clouding computer but their Chrome operating system computers doesn’t impressed me any and while I do have some respect for Google’s internet browser Chrome as I have used it sometimes but it’s just not my preference although I will say that Google’s internet browser Chrome does have impressive technical behind the Chrome internet browser itself. Again Google’s internet browser isn’t my preference and not using my favorite internet browser makes me feel naked as if you’re feeling naked without your watch. My favorite internet is Firefox created by Mozilla which has been my favorite internet browser ever since Mozilla first created the internet browser Firefox and still to this day I am using Mozilla Firefox as I am typing this article. Not just because of my loyalty but because of the technical inside of the Firefox internet browser which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking along with their amazing security built in the internet browser.

FaceBook requires separated apps.

FaceBook app for IOS and Android and as well other software for smartphone and tablets are requiring every users to download and install a separate app if you want to chat with your friends that you have on your friends list on FaceBook. Recently FaceBook released an announcement saying that they will start forcing every FaceBook users to download the FaceBook Messenger to chat with your friends because FaceBook says that the chat on FaceBook alone app is being removed from FaceBook app itself only the way you can be able to chat with your friends is you must have FaceBook messenger app for IOS, Android and other softwares to chat with your family and friends now. According to this news source that I was reading few minutes ago says that the reason FaceBook has decide to do this way is to monetize more revenue if using separated apps between FaceBook alone app and FaceBook Messenger.

Here’s the article letting every one who is on FaceBook to know about FaceBook forcing all of its users to download and install FaceBook messenger if they wish to chat with their family or friends: FaceBook Is Forcing All Users To Download Messenger By Ripping Out Of Its Main Apps by