Independence Day, what that means?

Independence DayThere are many federal holidays on the calendar in the United States to celebrate although some of them are unknown or they are considered worth to celebrate, out of all federal holidays there is one federal holiday that is very important for everyone in United States and everyone always celebrate for that specific day. Obviously you know which federal holidays I am referring since it is in the title as it is independence day where everyone like to celebrate with some of their family and friends with some foods, drinks, party or what we love doing the most for the independence day is to shoot the fireworks in the sky where we can just sit back and watch some of awesome fireworks in the sky, the most common in some cities there is fireworks display on a day before the independence day for some reason and only a reason I could see is that to allow everyone to have their own celebration at home or somewhere with their family and friends to celebrate the independence day by cooking out some foods, stocking up some alcohol and shooting the fireworks of their own that they bought from some places that sells the fireworks like some tents that are sitting beside the highway especially over here in Belfry, KY. Although for some reason in few of cities the banned anyone from shooting some fireworks which is a bit unfair considering that it is how everyone celebrate for several decades ago ever since the fireworks were invented and some of the cities does not allow anyone to celebrate by shooting the fireworks on independence day doesn’t make any sense.

Easter Day – How Easter started.

Easter Day ImageToday is Easter day as most of you noticed and is celebrating it today for more than one reasons celebrating the Easter day with your family and your friends by giving them some candies and maybe some presents, and then do some eggs hunting with your family and friends that is always fun thing to do and the other reason which is the most important is to celebrate the day of Jesus Christ resurrection when three days ago Jesus Christ was on the cross dying for us and our sins and buried Jesus Christ in the tomb and three days later which is today somebody went over to the tomb to pay respect for Jesus Christ but when they arrived there they noticed that the white robe were laying on the stone inside the tomb but no body in it because Jesus Christ resurrected. Also today is a good day for Christians to go to church and celebrate that specific reason, I used to go to church every Easter day but I stopped because I broken my femur in the leg and this limits my walking.

Yesterday I was talking to my mother about the Easter day by asking if she has any idea how did Easter day started? And also what does eggs have to do with Bunny because Bunny don’t gives eggs as only animals that do is some of the birds such as chicken, rooster and among others. That was interesting question that I thought of it myself to ask my mother to see if she knows what egg has to do with bunny.