Facebook Legacy.

Not too long ago the leading social networking company, Facebook decided to come up with a new of something for its users where they can pass their legacy from Facebook account to one of their family members or to someone who they would trust to manage their Facebook account after they passed away. When you pass away, that person who you added as your legacy for your Facebook account will let Facebook know that its user have passed away and you will then take over his or hers Facebook account which it will act as memorial profile for that user. The name of the person you see on the top of his or her profile will be changed to memory of _________. The access to his or her Facebook account will be limited such as you will not be able to read his or her message or anything else but accept its new friends, wall posts and the basic stuff. By taking it over will ensure that the Facebook account of the person who passed away to not become inactive overtime, to be hacked, spammed and such so to make sure that nothing happens to his or her Facebook account. I have taken screenshots with instructions on how to add someone as legacy for your Facebook account that you trust someone who will be taking over your Facebook profile so that it can allow everybody to post their memories about that person and to prevent somebody else to take it over because they can especially if they have the death certification so by adding legacy will prevent anyone else to take the control of your Facebook account.

A method to get traffic for your website.

Social Media & Bookmarking generate TrafficSeveral people always looking to get more traffic for their website because having the traffic helps the ranking for a website and having a huge numbers of traffic is always nice. A lot of people would also try to find a way to get their website to be ranked higher especially through SEO (search engine optimization) and that’s probably the hardest job for every website owner like myself because the higher rank we can get for our websites the easier our websites can be found in search engines. Aside the most important for SEO is keywords and the other one is, you got it right as it is link developing known as backlinks and backlinks take a big role in traffic as we know it. Every day many of us who run websites constantly doing some research to improve our website’s ranking and to find a way to get traffic the organic way because if you cheat you would be penalized from search engines and we don’t want that to happen to our websites so we have to be very careful with how we use SEO and internet marketing for our website. Want to have your website to be in the highest ranking? Keep dreaming on because it’s very unlikely unless they become popular as top social media networking and other websites is such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. This is one of the safest way to get some backlinks while at same time gets some traffic is by sharing it on several websites especially bookmarking. There is a tool to use and there is a method that can help you a bit and I am going to share my method with you, this is great for getting traffic but possibly organic backlinks considering that you are sharing them for yourself or have your family and friends to share them for you but only naturally because like I said the best way to increase the ranking is naturally and the organic way for less risk of being penalized by search engines.