5-30-2017 Quick Tidbits

How did the memorial weekend and day go for you all? I hope that you all had fun over the weekend, today and that all of us are safe considering that memorial weekends are known for an event when a lot of the people would party too much that involves alcohol. Driving while drunk is one of the most stupid thing ever in my opinion, so I hope that if all of you didn’t do that and calls a cab or have somebody as your designated driver to take you home safely. As for me, I never celebrate Memorial Day because I don’t like the idea of celebrating in memory of somebody or something that had happened in the past and it can make me sad. I look at it as negative, I mean how can you bring yourself to party and involves alcohol to celebrate for Memorial Day when it is really in memory of the bad things that had happened to the human beings whether it be family, friends, or strangers? Anyway, I know I haven’t blogged in several weeks and I apologize for that. Not to long ago I wrote an article stating that I was pretty much getting burnt out with blogging and that I am to reduce my activity in blog for the time being in hope that I would find that spark I once had long time ago when I truly was passionate in blogging. I haven’t reached to that spark yet, though I can say that the spark is trying its best to ignite and bring the fire back inside me but at the same time it’s trying to fan out the fire every time that the spark almost ignited. I decided that I would just force myself to write an article since that I haven’t written one in several weeks and it is dues for.

Summer is coming near!

SummerFor several of the days I have written several articles about everything that is news, opinions or analysts but this time tonight I am going to take a break because I have planned on writing two articles about news, sharing my opinion as serious or analysts on some of the things which I have already wrote one article earlier today about Apple WWDC 2014 and I decide to not write the second article on professional level and I am using this time to reach out all of you as my friends. I believe I need to take a break on the professional level because it is exhausting for me as lately so I am just going to sit here and write something easy or something that I don’t need to do some heavy researches to double-check the facts on what I am about to write as I always do in order so that I can deliver the articles based on something facts, opinion or analysts to every one of you instead the false information like many of the bloggers do just to cheat the traffic so they can get some of the money the lazy way which I am against. Anyway on to the subject for this article that I have decided to write.