Tidbits 1, This Is The Beginning.



I am starting to realize that I have run out of some ideas to write about something or on lately because where I made a goal that I would either write a couple of articles every two days or one article per day which is what I have done lately, at least most of the times but in the results of that is are making myself to run out of some ideas on what to write about, on something or to write some review. That is one of the reason I added a new feature some weeks ago where everyone can submit some of the ideas for me to write about or on or to write some reviews for some of the people which can be found here but the problem with that is it’s starting to get crowded because it’s full of spam, there are about 30-40% of submissions are from some of the people who submitted the ideas for me to write about or on, or to write some reviews and the other percent is spam and the real submissions from the people with ideas are being overcrowded by spammers which makes it a bit harder for me to narrow the submissions that is submitted by the people with ideas. The submissions where people submitted some of the ideas for me to write about or on is through e-mail system and most of you know how e-mail is these days, e-mails are easily being spammed everyday and there is no way to stop from getting spam – no now, no however and impossible to stop receiving spam in the e-mails until someone becomes a genius and invented a system that would stop every spam from coming in to everyone’s e-mails.

GM autos will be a rolling wifi hotspot.

General Motors (GM) LogoRecent the vehicles maker GM who make the platforms of vehicles such as Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick has announced the news saying that their newest vehicles which is 2015 will have a new bling or accessories however you would like to call it this year for customers. The bling-bling or accessory is going to be a new gadget for your vehicle on the dashboard where your GPS, radio and mp3 players is located at in their 2015 vehicles so if you are planning on to buy a vehicle from General Motors (GM) then I would suggest you to wait a bit longer because if you go ahead and buy a new vehicle then this will be the one of moment where you regret buying it and wish that you had waited a bit longer before buying a vehicle from the General Motors (GM) dealership and trust me because this new accessory that’s going to be added to their newest 2015 vehicles is going to be crazy but it’s something that we can rock and roll with while cruising or better yet pulling over to the side of the road to press some buttons for this new accessory that’s being added to their dashboard. What? You haven’t got the hint what is going to be on their dashboard? Pulling over to the side of the road and park to press some the buttons on their dashboard – Put on your thinking hat!