Stream Your Stuff.

StreamI hope that every one of you have a great day and enjoy whatever it was that every one of you was doing today. For me I enjoyed my day especially going out to a dinner at Cheech’s in Lenore, WV with my mother and my step father Chad for my mom’s Mother Day dinner. We all ordered pizza with half of toppings, pepperoni on one side then other side sausages and pepperoni I am thinking but the pizza were good although the pizza from Cheech’s aren’t my favorite although it is definitely in my top five favorite pizza restaurants. If you are looking for some pizza close to Logan, WV then you should check out Cheech’s restaurant but if you don’t want some pizzas then don’t worry because Cheech’s offers different foods on their menu especially the Italian foods so if you are a fan of Italian foods then this is the restaurant to check out and you can find Cheech’s place on FourSquare which is an excellent app that has a bit more accurate information than the Yelp app although Yelp is more known for adding reviews but when it comes to looking for some information such as ratings, prices, locations etc then FourSquare is the way to go!

Bit of everything – Tidbits 7.

First of all I know I have not written a post here at the blog for lord knows how long, roughly two or three months if I guess it right as I really have not track how long it has been since the last article I written here at JoshiesWorld. So the utter most thing I want to say before I go on to write something, I would like to say that I apologize for keeping all of you in dark for a long time and the reasons for that is I have been extremely busy especially the past month as I was rushed to the hospital to the emergency room only to find out that I was scheduled to have a surgery in the very next day so they had admitted me to a room at the hospital for a night so to have a surgery in the morning. Technically they admits me for more than a night supposedly but I was only willing to stay for a night as I almost refuse to so because the hospital is one of things that I dislike the most so you can imagine my dislike of being admitted to a room at the hospital because I dislike staying at the hospital overnight even more than my dislike for visiting the hospital.

Watch Dogs is a must to get!

Watch Dogs GameLately I haven’t play much of the video games ever since my mother bought me Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas for the past of the month although when I first got the Microsoft Xbox One I have played some of the games for several hours daily until recently that made my schedules tighter than the way it used to be. Ever since I got Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas from my mother, I have played a few of the games such as Madden 25, Forza 5, Needs for Speed Rival, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4 and Raiders: Definitive but I play Forza 5 and Raiders: Definitive the most because usually when a new gaming console came out there isn’t many games for the new gaming systems which is the downside of buying the new gaming console that had just been released such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 but I have not yet got myself Sony Playstation 4 although in the future I will be since I collects every gaming consoles but I got Microsoft Xbox One because I am a fan of Xbox and I choose Xbox over any of other gaming consoles including Sony Playstation. I know that by saying something like this are going to lure some of the arguments about which gaming consoles is the best but before you do that I ask you not to because everyone has their own preferences, you have your own and I have my own so let’s keep that way and not getting into one of the hottest debate between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation like Pepsi and Coke because I am not in the mood to have a debate about them at the moment.

Game consoles and games.

Game consoles history

There have been many of game consoles for many of the years especially when the first game console that was launched the Magnavox Odyssey which I am sure that anyone either hardly heard of that game console or never heard of the name for a game console but it was the first game console in exactly 1972 which is practically what started it all for game consoles industries. Because if it wasn’t for Magnavox Odyssey then there may not be some of great game consoles that everyone loves exists today because usually when there something first that was invented then there bounds to be competitors to compete against others especially like the second game console that compete Magnavox Odyssey were one of everyone’s favorite game console, the Atari 2600 which was launched in 1976 to compete against Magnavox Odyssey and that brings even more competitors to compete against Magnavox and Atari so from that the market for game consoles were blooming and a lot of people sees these two game consoles especially the Atari is the money-maker so everyone else jumps in and make their own game consoles and then games for their game consoles.

Halo 5 is coming to Xbox!

Halo 5: Guardians

There is many of people including myself who loves to play video games on different gaming consoles, who doesn’t? Especially for Microsoft gaming console our favorite franchise in game would be obviously Halo and Gears of War which these two is the most popular video games to this day and they are only exclusive for Xbox players, one of reason why there is many of people including myself who pride ourselves as being a fan of series Microsoft Xbox because of these exclusive games always sells the most than any of other gaming consoles comparing to one or two games for each of different gaming console such as Sony Playstation and Nintendo WII and I know one of the most hot debate when it comes to comparing the gaming consoles especially Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation like the debate for Pepsi and Coke.

Now most of people who own Microsoft Xbox have either all franchise of Halo and Gears of War or some but often we own the entire franchise of both games depending on if Microsoft Xbox players affords the entire franchise especially like Halo or any games in fact as the newest games is expensive for some of the people but later down the road when the popular franchise of games price goes down we eventually ends up owns them anyway. I am excited because I have fantastic news for all of Microsoft Xbox fans and players is that when we thought that it was the end for all of us and we became disappointed because as usual we wants to play more or the franchise to continue making more series but surprisingly one franchise maker announced that it is not the end for us Xbox players, why?! What game am I talking about?

War Thunder Game.

I have played a game called War Thunder for PC which is airplanes game especially the airplanes from war world two (WWII) where you can play two type of airplanes such as bomber and fighter, they have several great airplanes such as P-51 Mustang which is fighter, B-17 flying fortress which is bomber airplane famously known for Memphis Belle or B-24 Liberator which is also a bomber famously known for Lady Be Good. That game is quite addicting especially that you get to fight with other players online especially with different nations as well such as USA vs Japan (Pearl Harbor) and among others and there is solo and other for playing offline.

The game War Thunder is free game that you can download from their website which can be found at here: I recommend you to download the game but let me warn you that it’s quite addicting because it’s challenging especially trying to take down enemies before they take you down and the most challenging is trying to get to the bases to bomb before the enemies gets to you because that’s where it gets difficult in the game when trying to escape or outsmart the enemy by dodging with a hope that the enemy gives up or the gunners from bomber airplanes shoots them down before it explode your bomber airplane due to enemy’s shootings. The game is free and can be downloaded on windows PC and they do have some specification requirements that your computer would need to meet which you can find it at their website when you click the link I provided above.