Paris Attacks in France.

Paris Supported by JoshiesWorldThere are only very few of countries that has some breathtaking and beautiful landscapes in some of cities in different countries. One country of these countries were under attack by the terrorist known to the world as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria aka ISIS over the weekend. That country is France who were under attack by the terrorists ISIS as few members of ISIS attacked fiercely in one of the beautiful cities in one of beautiful countries, Paris in France as on a calm night when the city Paris were packed with tourists along with the French people as they all were at some entertainment places such as soccer game or dining out at some restaurants nearby and within’ a blink of an eye Paris was under attack unexpected as the few ISIS members who entered inside a couple of restaurants that were close to the stadium where soccer game played sprayed bullets at people. Also there were a concert in Paris where an American bands Eagles of Death Metal played which was also close to the stadium where the soccer game played as well, ISIS members unexpectedly entered the concert’s building and fiercely shoots the concert goers and the members of the American’s band Eagles of Death Metal too although all of members in Eagles of Death Metal escaped quickly without getting any one of them injured but sadly many of the concert goers weren’t lucky as the Eagle of Death Metal members. In the beginning of the terrorist attacks, some members of the terrorists group ISIS who attempted to explode inside the soccer’s stadium with the bomb strapped on their body but they failed to do so and ISIS members were trying to escape themselves from being caught but then they committed suicide as they were getting closer to being caught right outside of the stadium.

NFL Free Agents ’15.

NFL Always whoever is a fan of NFL football are already itching for the new season of football to start as soon as possible which I absolutely don’t blame them as I am one of the people who are wishing that the new season for football would hurry the heck up so that we can watch our favorite teams playing on either television or at some stadiums that our favorite team would be playing at and rooting for as many as wins our teams can get. Even though the football season may be over for now for a few months, we still gets on the edge for football especially in NFL, I am talking about resigning, trading, free agents signing, draft and outside of the draft as some of NFL teams signs some players that aren’t in draft. Besides the draft we have nerve-wrecking situations with our favorite teams especially the resigning because there are some of the best players that have played for our favorite teams about to become free agents on the market for other teams to sign away from our favorite teams which that is never a good thing depending on some of the players that we needs the most and letting players in our favorite teams that are in their prime to walk away to another team can be unforgiving especially to us the fans.

Cigars and tidbits 3!


Before I will start typing this article out I would like to say that I apologize that I have not wrote an article a couple of days ago as I planned to but then there was a problem occurred and that would be my keyboard stopped working properly. I was going to have to wait for a week or so until I get a new keyboard because I will have to order the keyboard that I like that isn’t in the store and beside only closest store here would be Wal-Mart so they don’t sell good keyboards. When it comes to keyboards I am very picky because I only want a keyboard that has great looking design along with multimedia and gaming functions/buttons which almost never sells in Wal-Mart so I have to buy them online. Already got a couple of keyboards that I am debating on which I should buy, Razer Deathstalker Ultimate for $249.99 or Logitech G19S for $199.99 (I will show pictures of both keyboards below) although I am leaning to Razer Deathstalker more because of its design and mechanical are wild but offers a little more than Logitech G19S has but a bit more expensive. I realized that it would take about a week or so for a keyboard to be shipped here so I decided to get a temporary keyboard that costs me almost nothing which thanks to my mother, she decided to get me a temporary keyboard without me knowing from Big Lots so I can continue using my computer until I get the keyboard that I need because I cannot go without using the computer for a week as I have work and things to do that and beside they don’t work themselves but I wish they do so to give me a break now and then!

Watch Dogs is a must to get!

Watch Dogs GameLately I haven’t play much of the video games ever since my mother bought me Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas for the past of the month although when I first got the Microsoft Xbox One I have played some of the games for several hours daily until recently that made my schedules tighter than the way it used to be. Ever since I got Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas from my mother, I have played a few of the games such as Madden 25, Forza 5, Needs for Speed Rival, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4 and Raiders: Definitive but I play Forza 5 and Raiders: Definitive the most because usually when a new gaming console came out there isn’t many games for the new gaming systems which is the downside of buying the new gaming console that had just been released such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 but I have not yet got myself Sony Playstation 4 although in the future I will be since I collects every gaming consoles but I got Microsoft Xbox One because I am a fan of Xbox and I choose Xbox over any of other gaming consoles including Sony Playstation. I know that by saying something like this are going to lure some of the arguments about which gaming consoles is the best but before you do that I ask you not to because everyone has their own preferences, you have your own and I have my own so let’s keep that way and not getting into one of the hottest debate between Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation like Pepsi and Coke because I am not in the mood to have a debate about them at the moment.

Where are Packers going?

I am sure most of you are wondering where Green Bay Packers will be going for the next year. All Packers’ fans have a faith that Packers will be going back to Superbowl again, don’t you think they will be able to do same thing as they did this year, or at least even better with more winnings? Methinks, believe so that they will be able to do it again next year. If not championship. Since Aaron Rodgers has already improved so much in his ability and skills in quarterback and other players has bought Green Bay Packers this far to win the Superbowl title, if not trade for a better player then they definitely will make a good season next year. Let’s hope that their injuries will be recovered and ready to attack any of teams that comes their way. My guts is telling me that Packers will be going at it again, usually my guts has been right so far that my team Packers would go to Superbowl and they did and my gut also did told me that they would win it and which they did. Now my gut tells me that they will do it again next year but with little more concerns though.