iOS 10 Is The Best iOS Yet!

I have recently updated my iPhone 6S plus, my mother’s iPhone 6S plus, my step father’s iPhone 6 and my old iPhone 5S from iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 10. When I updated these iPhone devices to iOS 10 I was in awe, because Apple finally will be giving us the software that we have looked forever or wished that there were certain features or a different ways that our iPhone can offer and how did I update to iOS 10 when I said that Apple finally will be giving us the iOS 10 for all of our Apple mobile devices? Because iOS 10 is not out yet but as always Apple offers early releases for anyone who want to beta test which that means the iOS 10 is in public beta phase, while that it is being beta phase the iOS 10 public beta is not perfect and finalized as it is what the beta is all about so that we can test for them as new features they adds. For example iOS 10 Public Beta 1 comes with let’s say, 30 new features then we test these features so that if we ever find anything wrong with these features or find any errors in iOS 10 then we report them for them so that they can correct the errors then once they do so they will release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 2 which is the current as of now where they corrected the problems while at the same time added another more 30 features for us to check to make sure that everything is all well or if not then we report them to Apple to let them know what is wrong with certain features and then they release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 3 which I believe will be the last version of beta phase before they officially release the perfect iOS 10 to everybody in the fall.

Photographers and photographs.

PhotographersWe know that everybody loves to take a lot of pictures for some reasons, whether it be for their memories, family photographs, friends photographs, vacation/trip photographs, landscape photographs and there are several different kinds of photographs that everybody like taking. I mean who doesn’t like taking some pictures? Well I know there are some of the people who don’t like taking some pictures or especially being in some of the pictures that is taken by somebody else which I am one of them who doesn’t like to be taken in some pictures although I don’t mind them as long as I know what they are for such as memories or something but I dislike having my pictures being taken for the public display or some sort. Even that I don’t like being in some of the pictures doesn’t means that I don’t like taking some of the photographs because I am a photographer on the side and my kind of photographs would be boudoirs especially with women because I consider them as art although some of the people who doesn’t understand or know what is photography would be against the boudoirs as they think that they have no respect for themselves or that they are naughty because most of the boudoirs are nudity but what they don’t realize is that many industries, magazines or professional photographers considered them arts and that showing their nature skin in the photographs is to let everyone know that they are proud of the way they are but in my opinion that it’s a beautiful creature although some of the people probably isn’t going to understand mine or many of others views when it comes to taking these kind of photographs for our clients.

Computers, doesn’t it matter what one?

Computers, Tablet and SmartphoneI have noticed that everyone goes shopping for some of the computers and bought the computers without knowing the specifications that the computers they bought has and that is somewhat a problem because usually they would realize that they can’t handle some of the things that they bought for. The computer is still very important and always will be than any other computing device such as smartphone and tablets which what everyone needs to understand that they are not a computer although it is definitely the alternative for the computers but again there are laptops, even with laptops the smartphones and tablets are still different because all of them performs different way and it does depends on what you need for because smartphones and tablets does not perform like the laptop at all as the laptop is more far powerful than the smartphones and tablets are. It is understandable that some of the people thought that the tablets means a smaller version of the laptops but it isn’t at all because the tablets doesn’t even perform the half of what the laptops can perform, if you wondering if there are laptops that has light weights and is very thin then my answer is there are several ones for you to choose and some of them is thinner than the tablets and can perform a lot better than any excellent tablets can.

WWDC 2014 for Apple company.

Apple WWDC 2014I can already see that several of the people are already very curious and is excited at same time because tomorrow is the day where several of the people on the earth is going to find out if some of the rumors is true that they have heard about some of the gadgets and technology that sparked our interests such as Apple new Iphone 6, their rumored IWatch and their new home automated platform for IOS8 for some of Apple’s devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. But that is not only the one that we have waited to find out if any of the rumors are true about some of these because the others that we are hoping to find out if some of the rumors that we have heard is true such some of the gadgets. Only few of the things that I am looking out for is Apple Iphone 6, IOS8, and IWatch.

Apple’s WWDC 2014.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year is the biggest event for Apple they said because they are rumored to have several products lined up for their keynote where they will be announcing their upcoming new products for the customers to enjoy and to give a speech about the new upcoming products. There are millions of the people who is a fan of Apple are absolutely excited and is very curious to see if the rumors is true or is not for some of their products especially the features on Iphone 6 and their IOS8 for their devices at WWDC. There is few of the things that every one of us to expect from Apple at their WWDC which I am going to list them here.