iOS 10 Is The Best iOS Yet!

I have recently updated my iPhone 6S plus, my mother’s iPhone 6S plus, my step father’s iPhone 6 and my old iPhone 5S from iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 10. When I updated these iPhone devices to iOS 10 I was in awe, because Apple finally will be giving us the software that we have looked forever or wished that there were certain features or a different ways that our iPhone can offer and how did I update to iOS 10 when I said that Apple finally will be giving us the iOS 10 for all of our Apple mobile devices? Because iOS 10 is not out yet but as always Apple offers early releases for anyone who want to beta test which that means the iOS 10 is in public beta phase, while that it is being beta phase the iOS 10 public beta is not perfect and finalized as it is what the beta is all about so that we can test for them as new features they adds. For example iOS 10 Public Beta 1 comes with let’s say, 30 new features then we test these features so that if we ever find anything wrong with these features or find any errors in iOS 10 then we report them for them so that they can correct the errors then once they do so they will release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 2 which is the current as of now where they corrected the problems while at the same time added another more 30 features for us to check to make sure that everything is all well or if not then we report them to Apple to let them know what is wrong with certain features and then they release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 3 which I believe will be the last version of beta phase before they officially release the perfect iOS 10 to everybody in the fall.

Tidbits 2/14/2016.

Here we are at it again, as in the last article I have promised all of my readers that I will be writing another tidbits sooner than expected or usual and I have a few topics that I would like to talk about with some of you if you don’t mind. I will try my best to make this one tidbits article to be shorter but a few more topics than the usual, where I tend to write long paragraph for each topics and this time I am going to try to write shorter paragraph for each topics so to not make it time-consuming although I do know that some of you like some long readings but I am somewhat in a rush myself. Why rush? It is nearing my bed time and the decision to write this tidbits article is at spur of the time but are you ready? Should I begin? Okay here we go.

Tidbits 2/14/2016

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Amazon and their new smartphone.

Amazon Fire PhoneThere is something that most of the people doesn’t know about Amazon especially their history when Amazon was launched, originally the Amazon was meant to be books online store where everyone can buy books online and or buy books digitally (e-books) online. Amazon was launched in July 1994 as an online bookstore for a few years then they made some of the decisions that they want to expand themselves more than just an online bookstore so they converted the Amazon company into a new company that sells everything such as DVD, CD, Furniture, video games, mp3 and video streaming, software, foods, apparel, electronics, toys, jewelry and several more instead of online bookstores on Amazon. Amazon was becoming the like of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and few of others but Amazon wants to turn the business in even larger than any popular stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and few of others so they have decided to turn the Amazon business that not only sell everything but to make their own products for everyone too and Amazon is not going to stop from going further, expanding themselves even larger than what Amazon is today which is very interesting because Amazon is becoming a business where there is no competitors that could go up against Amazon themselves and that is because there is no other Amazon at the moment and probably never will but I cannot say that because we never know if Amazon will ever have a competitor in the future but for now there is no competitor.

Apple smartwatch is coming!

Apple SmartwatchThe announcement or more so a news just now came out on the internet and is saying that Apple is in making a new product for everyone who is a fan of Apple that everyone have waited for and been wishing for more than a year or so ever since there is a few of industries especially Apple’s competitors already have something that Apple company have not yet created. We all know that this product has been out for a while with other industries such as Samsung and a couple of other manufacturers that make mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets and mp3 players and Apple is very much behind or late on a product and I am sure that some of you know this specifically product I am referring to that most of us have waited for and been asking Apple to develop the product that we have wished for some time but the good news is that Apple is now for once of all in the work for the product that we have forever asked for and that this specific product is coming in just a few months, if some of you don’t know what this specific product that I am referring then fine I will tell you what it is now.

The Navy is getting NeRD!

NeRD E-Reader and cases.While every day we enjoy playing or surfing with our smartphones and tablets such as Iphone, Ipad and Ipod and as well some of Android smartphones and tablets to watch some movies, to read some books, surf the internet or to play games and we love using them. Most of people now owns these devices and use them daily but Navy in United States soldiers are not allowed to have tablets or such on their fleet in submarine due to their restrictions and we know when they are out on the submarine somewhere in the middle of ocean, they don’t have much entertainment that we do except some of them have DVD player that all of soldiers watch some movies on the fleet and DVD is starting to get old and so is paperback for reading and same goes with CD because almost everyone is turning to digital especially myself and everyone that I know except very few people who I know prefer old fashion things and I do too but only few things that’s old fashion such as VHS and cassette which I am almost sure that a lot of people doesn’t even know what they are especially the young people.