You Look Disgusting.

Last night while I was browsing around on Facebook seeing what some of my friends were up to and doing some lurking on other people too which you cannot deny that you do that too because sometimes it’s somewhat hard to resist yourself from being curious about what other people who are not on your friends list are saying or done something that you would gather up the information from that somebody to share with some of your friends by talking to them about what you have read someone’s wall post on Facebook. In the middle of reading some wall posts by some of the people who are on the friends list on my personal Facebook account and I came across a wall post that baffles me because that wall post contains a video which I have watched. That wall post I came across were posted by a company registered Facebook account, as I have mentioned that the wall post contains a video but it’s just not a video it is probably one of very few most powerful video I have ever seen in my life and it is very rare for me to be impressed with the message that they were sending in that video in their wall post they posted on Facebook. The video, a very powerful video with powerful message which is an advertisement for the company named My Pale Skin and the title for the advertisement video is very powerful too.

Miley Cyrus certainly grow.

Miley CyrusI remember several years ago there was a television show that several children loved watching named Hannah Montana, the star acting was Miley Cyrus who is a daughter of country legendary “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus who was also starred in the pop culture television show Hannah Montana with his biology daughter Miley Cyrus. We watched almost the entire of Miley Cyrus’s growth through Hannah Montana television show on Disney World channel as in the beginning of the television show Miley Cyrus were very little girl who would make millions of people in awe of her cuteness, admittedly I am one of these people as I was a fan of Hannah Montana television show back in the days although I don’t watch it on regular basis but enough to know about her television show. Ever since the ending of Hannah Montana, well almost in the end of the television show we would see Miley Cyrus lifestyle changed where she would go from the cuteness to something that almost no one of us can explain because it was strange but she was becoming an adult where she wasn’t afraid to show that she’s becoming an adult herself.

J.Lo. Comeback.

God knows how long ever since we have seen Jennifer Lopez made another music video, I know that it has been few years ago but looks like that Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo.) is coming back slowly where she has already made a music video with a new song, the new song is called “On the Floor” Feat Pitbull. Before Jennifer Lopez sure has a lot of energies in herself in few of music videos a long while back when she regularly making music videos along with songs and I am sure that all Jennifer Lopez fans know that she is one of sexiest and always fall in love with the size of her booty as her best feature, most of people always find her very attractive mostly because of the size of her booty, but have we the fans ever seen Jennifer Lopez shakes her booty in any of her music videos? Not quite, as all always she usually dance rather than just suddenly shaking her booty and that’s what all of Jennifer Lopez always dreams to see and always wonder if she ever going to be able to shake her booty, well now she surely did in this new comeback music video and she seriously done it hard enough for the eyes of yours to go shaky instead of just watching her as previous just moving her booty to left and the right. And this time, also her dance has quite more energy in it and it seems as if she hasn’t dance for so long time and she has to get it out of her because she always loved to dance, well this time she sure shows it.