Twitter’s feature mute is coming.

Twitter new feature Mute.In case some of you may miss the news about Twitter surfaced recently that they are working on a new major feature which they will be releasing in few days and the feature can be helpful in some case, the new feature that Twitter is working on and will be releasing it to all users is called Mute. Most of us know that there are several Twitter users can be annoying especially if they are update too many tweets about their pets or their relationship with somebody and such, or that they are tweeting too much for some of our taste so this feature called mute is where comes in and the mute feature gives us the ability to silence some of the users that annoys us or that we still want to follow but not getting their too many tweets at once in our feeds. It gives us the ability to silence our annoying friends or some of the users so that we won’t have to see their tweets too many of times or being overcrowded by other tweets that we actually like.

Share with FaceBook!

Since the previous post I have wrote for JoshiesWorld blog that I have spoken about JoshiesWorld is growing dramastically with several helps by great people. Now that being said, I have decided take another integration for JoshiesWorld to have the easier ability to expend its growth, easier to share by integrating FaceBook button onto each post automatically. The FaceBook is located at top right corner of each post beside Twitter (retweet) button. So if you liked the post that I have wrote and want to share it with your friends that only take you less than a minute if not a minute without having to manually giving each person the link of certain post on, instead of that now you can just click FaceBook button and it will post it on your FaceBook status to share it with all of your friends and family that are on your friends list to click and it will direct them to specific post you wish to tell them about.

Thank you very much for reading this and be sure to share this post with your FaceBook friends so they can share it as well to your friend’s friend or family and let it expend that way!