Happy Birthday Chad!

Happy Birthday Chad

I would like to take my time to wish someone a very happy birthday, that person has been in my life for more than a decade and since then he have become a father figure of mine. I look at him as a father figure, not only just that but also a friend and he have become a part of the family since both my mother and himself became together. He does more than my biology father will ever do for me, being there for me which that is something that my biology father miserably failed to do so and done things for me when I need him to. Irony thing is that he has a son named Josh, which is same name as mine but nonetheless I am glad that he has become a part of the family since I met him through my mother over a decade ago or close to two decades which that makes me feel old and I am sure this probably will make him feel even older as he have turned 47 years old at midnight (no, mother. Not 46, it’s 47!). I am grateful for him being there for my mother and I more than anybody has done for us both. Although we need to make some trips to Charleston or Huntington malls more (good riddance Chad!), I, my mother and Chad have done so many things together over the decade such as going to the beaches twice which I never expected that I would ever see an ocean in my life but I did thanks to him. He has done more for me than he should have done which I never asked for them but he still done so and that’s what make him a great person which I hope that he don’t forget that and not only that he is very positive person which is always great to have around because when both of I or my mother feels down he is there to make us laugh. I am very glad that I get to know him, that’s more than I can say and I would like to say happy birthday to you Chad. Thank you for everything, thank you for being there for both of us which that means a lot to me and thank you for being not just a father figure but a friend which that personally means a lot to me. I hope that you have a great birthday, Chad and looks forward to celebrate more birthdays so enjoy while you can because we never will stop getting older unfortunately.

Language Deprivation.

Language is a very important tool for communication otherwise we as human beings would not have a way to communicate with each others, pardon me I am actually wrong because as I wrote that I just realized that the human beings can communicate with each others using gestures or by visual but still a language is what makes it easier for us human beings to communicate with each others and thankfully there is a very long list of languages that allows us human beings to communicate with each others. Each language is in within’ our DNA, in other words our native language that we inherited from the earlier generations or the first language that we learned after the birth so that we can be able to communicate with our parents or to kickstart our education because without language then how are we able to learn? The language is very essential in our life, the language that we comfortably understand and communicate smoothly with others. Now there are a very large group, some organizations and even corporations always set out to make sure that we communicate using their language preference such as English here in the United States therefore they are on the look to deprive our native language by trying their darndest best to convince many of us human beings that their language preference will make us more successful in a long run than our own native language that we inherited from the many generations of our families or to try to come up with false medical information such as saying that using our own native language over their language preference will cause us to have a brain cancer or similar (it’s true, Starkey Foundation is one perfect example of that).

Pops, Go Pops! Getting the grove on!

Just a few minutes ago I was surfing on Facebook under my personal account as usual which I always do so often and came across someone’s wall post on the Facebook that has a video that I thought amazing which I am sure that some of you will think so too after watching a video below if you haven’t stumbled upon the same video I watched a few minutes ago on Facebook. In this video you will see a guy who happens to be old and probably is old enough to either be your father or a grandfather depending on how old you are, getting his grove on with a couple of the women which is quite impressive especially for his age.



Sorry that this article isn’t the usual article that I write because today is my break from work and I am using that time I have for the day to enjoy, but I will be writing some articles that looks like articles. 🙂 I figured I should write this article quick to show you the video that I came across where the pops (not mine, somebody else) dancing at some sort of small concert or possibly a party with a couple of good-looking women but the pops surely getting his groves on nonetheless!

Fathers – Happy father’s day to all fathers!

Happy Fathers DayFirst of all I would like to say happy fathers day to all fathers out there, especially the fathers that cares for their children and being there for them when they are needed and the fathers who did not abandoned them regardless what is the children’s ages. The fathers who cares for the children and being there for their children is getting more rare everyday, even if their parents are divorced and their fathers still visits their children every possibly chances they got to see their children instead of only visiting their children when their mothers begged their fathers to visit them because their children is missing their fathers who truly doesn’t care for them and that is a major problem but it is understandable for children especially when they are in very young ages. Those fathers who deserves to be called the fathers of their children has nothing but respects from myself, and I hope that those fathers enjoys their time with their children on this day because it is their day to celebrate the father’s day – It is a joy especially seeing these beautiful smiles because every smiles from the children worth more than anything in the world.