Belfry Fireworks videos!

As on July of the third where the city Belfry of Kentucky shoots large fireworks, they finally made improvement this year, better than last year. I drove my new four wheeler to Save A Lot in parking lot to watch the fireworks and decided to bring my Sony camera along with me so I can record some of fireworks for you and many of others that missed it. Please note that all fireworks every second is not in this video. I didn’t record the entire time of fireworks shooting, but I did catch most of it in my time though. Enjoy the videos that I have recorded for you! Click play on the video below, there’s three clips because of YouTube minutes length required ten minutes per video and there was more than ten minutes so I had to trim/cut it and then edit into another part of clip. Watch below!

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.