Facebook Legacy.

Not too long ago the leading social networking company, Facebook decided to come up with a new of something for its users where they can pass their legacy from Facebook account to one of their family members or to someone who they would trust to manage their Facebook account after they passed away. When you pass away, that person who you added as your legacy for your Facebook account will let Facebook know that its user have passed away and you will then take over his or hers Facebook account which it will act as memorial profile for that user. The name of the person you see on the top of his or her profile will be changed to memory of _________. The access to his or her Facebook account will be limited such as you will not be able to read his or her message or anything else but accept its new friends, wall posts and the basic stuff. By taking it over will ensure that the Facebook account of the person who passed away to not become inactive overtime, to be hacked, spammed and such so to make sure that nothing happens to his or her Facebook account. I have taken screenshots with instructions on how to add someone as legacy for your Facebook account that you trust someone who will be taking over your Facebook profile so that it can allow everybody to post their memories about that person and to prevent somebody else to take it over because they can especially if they have the death certification so by adding legacy will prevent anyone else to take the control of your Facebook account.

Stream Your Stuff.

StreamI hope that every one of you have a great day and enjoy whatever it was that every one of you was doing today. For me I enjoyed my day especially going out to a dinner at Cheech’s in Lenore, WV with my mother and my step father Chad for my mom’s Mother Day dinner. We all ordered pizza with half of toppings, pepperoni on one side then other side sausages and pepperoni I am thinking but the pizza were good although the pizza from Cheech’s aren’t my favorite although it is definitely in my top five favorite pizza restaurants. If you are looking for some pizza close to Logan, WV then you should check out Cheech’s restaurant but if you don’t want some pizzas then don’t worry because Cheech’s offers different foods on their menu especially the Italian foods so if you are a fan of Italian foods then this is the restaurant to check out and you can find Cheech’s place on FourSquare which is an excellent app that has a bit more accurate information than the Yelp app although Yelp is more known for adding reviews but when it comes to looking for some information such as ratings, prices, locations etc then FourSquare is the way to go!

Firefox: Go Faster Hacks!

Firefox LogoIf you ever wonder if there is a way to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster such as boosting your internet speed for your Firefox and the answer to that question is absolutely, there is a way to make your Firefox experience to be a lot faster and if you are wanting to make your Firefox internet browser to be faster then I am going to help you to get your Firefox to go faster so you can have better experience in using Firefox as internet browser. While Mozilla Firefox is indeed number one internet browser already and as in other article I have written stated that Mozilla Firefox is already fast and is very safe to use to surf on the internet but there is a way to make it go faster though, to do so to make your Firefox to go faster you must hack your Firefox internet browser and when you do you must be extremely be careful with hacking because if you do something wrong then you would make a mess for Firefox and Firefox would either be unresponsive or extremely slow so please read my instructions very careful and do what I say, before I go into the instruction I would like to say that I did not create the hacks as these are very old hacks but still work flawlessly and beautifully.