Paris Attacks in France.

Paris Supported by JoshiesWorldThere are only very few of countries that has some breathtaking and beautiful landscapes in some of cities in different countries. One country of these countries were under attack by the terrorist known to the world as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria aka ISIS over the weekend. That country is France who were under attack by the terrorists ISIS as few members of ISIS attacked fiercely in one of the beautiful cities in one of beautiful countries, Paris in France as on a calm night when the city Paris were packed with tourists along with the French people as they all were at some entertainment places such as soccer game or dining out at some restaurants nearby and within’ a blink of an eye Paris was under attack unexpected as the few ISIS members who entered inside a couple of restaurants that were close to the stadium where soccer game played sprayed bullets at people. Also there were a concert in Paris where an American bands Eagles of Death Metal played which was also close to the stadium where the soccer game played as well, ISIS members unexpectedly entered the concert’s building and fiercely shoots the concert goers and the members of the American’s band Eagles of Death Metal too although all of members in Eagles of Death Metal escaped quickly without getting any one of them injured but sadly many of the concert goers weren’t lucky as the Eagle of Death Metal members. In the beginning of the terrorist attacks, some members of the terrorists group ISIS who attempted to explode inside the soccer’s stadium with the bomb strapped on their body but they failed to do so and ISIS members were trying to escape themselves from being caught but then they committed suicide as they were getting closer to being caught right outside of the stadium.

Pops, Go Pops! Getting the grove on!

Just a few minutes ago I was surfing on Facebook under my personal account as usual which I always do so often and came across someone’s wall post on the Facebook that has a video that I thought amazing which I am sure that some of you will think so too after watching a video below if you haven’t stumbled upon the same video I watched a few minutes ago on Facebook. In this video you will see a guy who happens to be old and probably is old enough to either be your father or a grandfather depending on how old you are, getting his grove on with a couple of the women which is quite impressive especially for his age.



Sorry that this article isn’t the usual article that I write because today is my break from work and I am using that time I have for the day to enjoy, but I will be writing some articles that looks like articles. 🙂 I figured I should write this article quick to show you the video that I came across where the pops (not mine, somebody else) dancing at some sort of small concert or possibly a party with a couple of good-looking women but the pops surely getting his groves on nonetheless!

Respect for Stevie.

I was watching a video on YouTube this morning for Michael Jackson concerts and stuff then I stumbled upon a video of Stevie Wonder hitting the piano and sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” which is made by Michael Jackson himself but Stevie Wonders made a great tribute that I have ever seen for a tribute to Michael Jackson and it is indeed amazing. In about half way of the video Stevie wonders went into a breakdown and missed few words in Michael Jackson’s lyric. I have nothing but the utter most respect for this man that are musician who is blind for all of his life that knows how to play piano and also he knew who Michael Jackson was as he has worked with him before, especially in 70s – 80s. Overall, it is breathtaking and I recommend you to click the play below in the video to watch how amazing tribute Stevie has done for Michael Jackson! Also John Legend join with Stevie Wonders to do the tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson as well!