Tidbits And The Mother Nature.

On the day of July 13th 2015 everyone were doing their everyday routines whether it be working, running some errands, hanging out with family or friends and whatever else that everyone’s usual routines are but something had happened that no one knew that would happen to every one of them including myself. While every one here in few of counties such as Pike County, Martin County, Johnson County, Perry County among other few more that is in both states of Kentucky and West Virginia enjoying their days regardless what they were doing while at same time not expecting something that would be something bad on the way to these counties that would literally turn everyone that lives around these areas life up downside rather quickly. As the light in the sky in the day becoming darker as it was turning the day into the night, there were something that was brewing something very trouble that was sneaking upon us without us realizing so until it was getting closer to midnight so the night has been set for everyone and out of no where the mother nature smacked us so hard that our heads spun so fast that by the time our heads had stopped spinning we realized that our properties that has houses, vehicles, animals and many of others that is on our properties had been destroyed in a matter of a blink in our eyes. Not only that things on our properties which includes houses, vehicles, animals among others had been destroyed severely there were some of the people had been killed and some had been gone missed so quickly which that was something that we weren’t prepared for because we almost did not expect that would have happened to us but it had been to the point that the state of Kentucky here in the United States declared emergency.

Comments Spammers Idiots!

I know how frustrating it is to being a blogger who have to handle hundreds if not thousands of spams in the comments section which it can get way overwhelming sometimes, it is one of downside for being a blogger because you would always want to make sure that no spammers gets by you with sneaking in commenting your blogs with some of the comments that seems to be not a spam so that can fool our anti-spam machine that we have installed our blogs such as Akismet or other spams blocker plugins. Even the spammers don’t only be able to fool the anti-spam machines, they are able to somehow get through the recaptcha machine which is hosted by the number one search engines Google and it makes it even more frustrating for some of us as bloggers. If some of you think that these spammed comments are actually being posted by the visitors on your article/post then you are mistaken because someone have built a brilliant software that allows the people to send out spammed comments to multiply blogs at once including mine, yours and many of other bloggers.

Good morning!

So as I have realized that I have a good spare in my time to make a post of JoshiesWorld. Here it is, good morning to you all fans, family and friends. What is a good day to start with for yourself? A cup of coffee and a toast or what? For mine of course it has to be a cold delicious 16 fl, oz of Monster Energy can and some cigarettes along with some rock and heavy metal music and sometimes pop genre music only if I feel like listening to some pop genre of music. I don’t eat breakfast though, it’s very much rarely that I have ever eat anything for breakfast because I am not into breakfast. And as well with a internet access so I can surf the internet to read stuff such about Monster Energy, news, weather, of course Monster Energy Army website, hatfield and mccoy trails website along with hatfield and mccoy forums where I can browse in and communicate since that’s my main place to go four wheeling in with my ATV and looking to see if anything changes, news, events and such what is happening on the trails of Hatfield and McCoy and of course preparing to ride down there in Spring or as soon as the weather becomes warm which I can’t wait, very much looking forwards to it. So what are you planning on to do for spring and of course for the summer? Are you going on any vacation? If so where are you wanting to go. My vacations, well to be honest I can’t have any vacations because I got a family to take care of but pretty much I can safe to say that hatfield and mccoy are my only vacation which is not even five miles from where I live so that way I can be nearby in case if there’s family emergency and such. So I still will have plenty of fun in spring and summer even though I won’t be able to travel far away from here like I did few years ago when I left Kentucky for Florida to the beach and as well Virginia for beach but maybe some summer I will again, although I know I won’t be doing that this year so going to Hatfield and McCoy being my neighbor is definitely a huge help for me to enjoy my times when I have it.