Ethics: Color Me White.

The other day I decided to tune in a news channel on my television to see the latest current events and to see if there is anything new going on in politics especially the United States or the world too. Almost all the news that I caught on the television the other day isn’t so new to me especially with the debates going on for the presidential candidates which is something that I am rarely interested of and then finally there was news that caught my attention after being annoyingly patient watching almost an hour of the news because sometimes I don’t want to miss anything out as I realizes that sometimes when I started watching some news in the beginning that there weren’t anything interesting enough for me to the point that I changed the channel unknowingly that there would be some interesting news on the way within’ few minutes after watching the beginning of the news on television. The news that caught my attention was that the University of Missouri got the students protesting against the University of Missouri because they have radical problems going on around at the University of Missouri campus with their administration especially the systems president Tim Wolfe I believe where the students are saying that there have been some racist incidents going on around in the University of Missouri campus and the racist incidents are being ignored by the administration at University of Missouri which ignited the angry in the students that attends the University of Missouri.

Football nearing, are we ready?!

FootballHey guys! How are every one of you been doing lately and what have you been up to lately? I hope that all of you aren’t getting in too much of trouble especially that it is labor day this week because a lot of people who likes to enjoy some buzz from drinking alcohol on labor day as usual especially on the weekend which we have to watch out for a few of people who drinks while driving. It is understood that some of the people like celebrating the labor day with a buzz from alcohol but please don’t drive a vehicle afterward because it wouldn’t only harm just you but everyone else, so for anyone who don’t drink please be careful when some of you are driving on the road because you never know that you may bump into somebody who’s drunk while driving and for those of you who like to celebrate with drinks then please have a designated driver or call a cab to safely transport yourself to home so that everyone can enjoy their labor day instead of turning their labor day into bad day with accidents! I have been busy lately although a lot of more things piling up on my plates that I have to do which is a lot for me and at same time it is very stressful for me but that is my luck I guess. For past a couple of the years I never expected that I would be very busy to this day than I ever have been as two years ago I almost have no schedules that keeps me busy except managing websites including this website and two years later my schedules are over the limits that it’s not even funny especially that for two or three days ago I have becoming a bit sick with acid going in my stomach that I have to take prescription medicine for it but sometime I am too busy to remember to take them which that’s a problem for me.

Education is it that important?

EducationHey guys, how are every one of you doing? Doing anything that’s fun lately have you? I am doing just fine, just very busy lately and sometimes it’s no fun when it comes being busy although there are some fun in being busy depending on what you are doing that makes you busy but busy isn’t always fun. I have done a lot of searching lately while at same time trying to reach out for some help through social media because I need some of the ideas to write about something or on something but I have nothing and I am assuming that everybody else couldn’t come up with some of the ideas for me to write about something or on something for today’s article or they didn’t see my help message through social media asking for some help. It’s getting harder to come up with something to write an article about something or on something that it’s not even funny anymore because it’s very stressful for me and I have thought lately that it is possible that I will be taking a bit break of blogging for at least a week at the most so to see if that helps me to come up with some of the ideas to write about in the next article unless any one of you would help me by giving me some ideas on what to write about or on in the next article. So if you don’t see me writing an article all week then it is because I am taking a break from blogging so that to see if that would help me with coming up with some ideas for me to blog about here unless I have somebody suggesting some ideas for me and I hope that you understand that I might be taking a week break so to see if that will help me to come up with some new ideas or maybe to improve my creativity in writing.