Hillary Clinton in Williamson, Wv.

This is just a mere opinion of mine about Hillary Clinton’s visitation to the small town in the state of West Virginia here in the United States of America calls Williamson or Williamson Town as the residences of Williamson in West Virginia calls it. It has a very small numbers of population in Williamson, Wv although these aren’t accurate because in the statistic it only counts the house owners without counting the people who lives under the owner’s roof such as their family like children, husband, wife and or some homeowners allows their friends to live with them in that area. I know this is a bit late of news because obviously by now I am sure that many people have heard about what happened in Williamson, Wv when one of the democrat presidential candidates Hillary Clinton paid a visit in Williamson, Wv at the place calls Wellness Center and apparently the major of the people in Williamson Town is against Hillary Clinton so they made a very rude welcome for her which is somewhat sends a bad outlook for the people of Williamson, Wv in my opinion. Now most of the people in Williamson, Wv protested against Hillary Clinton when she came to the Wellness Center including what some people call “King of The Coal” and that would be Don Blankenship who is sentenced to be in prison on several charges although the irony thing is that Don Blankenship is known for the murderer of coal miners. Many of the Williamson, Wv resides rallied saying “We Want Donald Trump” when Hillary Clinton came to visit, while of course every single person have the rights to vote for whoever they want to run the United States of America as president but what they don’t realize is that Williamson, Wv is a place that Donald Trump would not visit and Hillary Clinton was the only one who was more than happy to do so.

Coal and EPA.

Every one of you who residents in Kentucky and West Virginia as these two states are known for coal states more than anything. When you hear, see or smell the coals then the chance is they are coming from Kentucky and West Virginia which they used to power the utilities such as your electricity in your home and or your business. Here in Kentucky and as well West Virginia has been the ones who power the most important things in your homes and your business otherwise you wouldn’t have any electricity or customers/clients however that changed now since they have found another way to power the electricity by using natural gasoline and that is what are hurting the history of coals in Kentucky and West Virginia.

The governments especially the white house has put several workers in the coals out work, what they don’t know is that in Kentucky and West Virginia we breath in and out the coals and believe it, we like to breath through them. We lives on coal for several years, we born with coals and the coals are in our bloods especially in Kentucky and West Virginia however the other states may not understand what this means but only if some of you who residents outside Kentucky and West Virginia has ever lived in one of these state then you would understand my point. Now me, myself I am grew all of my life in Kentucky which is the king of coal along with West Virginia but I am Kentuckian nonetheless.