Tidbits (2/8/2016).

Forgive me as I haven’t written a tidbits article in a very long time as it seems and the reason for that is because either that I have been very busy due to my hectic schedules or don’t have enough of topics for it to be a tidbits article. As some of you know that tidbits article has more than one topic which that tends to make it a long article for the readers to read and to my knowledge there are many readers here at JoshiesWorld.com likes tidbits because it involves more than just one topic which can get boring sometimes as tidbits article has more than one topic so that means something more to read for the readers. Every now and then I like reading long articles but that depends on what it’s about, if it’s tidbits article then that is the kind of long reading article that I like but if just one topic but a very long article to read can be boring sometimes unless the bloggers know how to keep the readers interested without allow the long article of only one topic to become boring.

In case if you never have or don’t know what tidbits article are I suggest you to head over on at the top above here to look for a search box and type “tidbits” in the search box then you will get a list of few tidbits article that I have written in the past along with a few of them explaining what tidbits article are all about.

Dropbox, excellent cloud!

Almost there are several people who have started going digital instead of physical especially when it comes to storing some of the files such as images, videos, audio, documents etc to a storage as the technology especially in United States has drastically improved now that everyone can almost control everything through smartphone or a tablet. Several years ago before the technology booming every one of us had to physically store our files in cabinet with a locker to prevent our valuable files being stolen, then two geniuses invented computers (Microsoft and Apple) with physical hard drives where we could store our valuable files to our hard drives on our computers with a lock using either a pin code or password and now the technology has gone even further more than ever as somebody invented another way to store our files using any devices we could get our hands on so that we wouldn’t have to rely on computers to just store our valuable things to our hard drives anymore and that is called cloud storage – or more so clouding server.

We now be able to store our files to a cloud server where we can have an access to it anywhere as long as there is internet connection by using some of the devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or almost any devices that allow files to transfer using wi-fi connection and then view them later on by using any kinds of devices as long as you use either an app or internet browser. What is next in technology world? I don’t know but one thing I do know is that I am very curious over this.

Bitcoin, what the heck is it?

Bitcoin LogoIf you don’t know what the heck is bitcoin then you must be living under a rock for a very long time, I am kidding with you all! Before I start writing what exactly is bitcoin and what it does I would like to say something first. I am sure that I am not the only one that realizes this but several years ago before the technology starts booming in the United States or probably in the beginning of the technology booming, everybody loves to have all cash they can get their hand on because everybody needs some money to spend on something that we want, to pay for something we often would pay them with the cash. But now that is changing lately especially with the technology is literally booming with new ways to pay for some of the things when we shops, everybody are starting to prefer the use of technology to pay for something instead of having some cash that makes our wallets stretched. By using the technology to pay for something such as online payment processing like PayPal, credit cards, debit cards or banking accounts and more options for us to use to pay for things instead of having to carry the cash around because of the hassle when it comes to paying something with cash like counting cash or getting messy when looking through our wallets but now we can just use one thing to pay for everything such as swiping a card whether it be credit cards, debit cards and others.