CIA joined with best first tweet!

Recently the CIA have decided to join the social networking websites such as Facebook few days ago to celebrate the D-day and memorial for the soldiers and military in the United States of America but apparently CIA has decided to join Twitter today and when they did joined Twitter today, they made possibly the best first tweet out of any Twitter users that signed up and then made their first tweets on Twitter! But when you are going to read the first tweet made by the agency CIA, you are going to laugh so hard that you are going to urine yourself so be sure to have extra underwear nearby and when you do then go ahead and read CIA’s first tweet on Twitter when registered an account on Twitter.

CIA First Tweet:

Hilarious right? I know but be careful what you are going to be tweeting on Twitter now since that CIA is now on Twitter and all of other agency in the forces are joining social networking websites and monitor all of your social networking accounts! Setting your profiles to private isn’t going to help it either so don’t bother! They are coming for the bad boys, so watch out all of you guys!