Merry Christmas 2017!

Hey you all! This is Joshie writing here, there is nothing more than me wanting to tell you a very Merry Christmas and so Merry Christmas to you all! ‘Tis the season that every one of us cherish with our family and friends which is the most important thing about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Christmas isn’t the only thing that we celebrate with our family and friends, we also celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Nothing is more fun than the Christmas tradition that we carry through many generations of ours, opening Christmas presents and have vast amounts of foods for us to pick to put on our plates until our stomach cannot take them anymore! I can remember how excited I would get when the Christmas day arrives at age of a child, looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the family and open the presents besides the Christmas tree that we decorated while being surrounded my family. It was one of these moments that I treasure more than ever, as every Christmas I would visit my grandmother’s house on my mother’s side and seeing the grounds that was nothing but tons of snow. Spending several hours from early afternoon until it was dark out, spending my time with my grandparents, my mother, my aunt and my uncles with my grandmother’s poodle’s dog named Midnight. First thing we would start the day with a chat, after that we would fill our plates with foods which usually were Turkey and the other Thanksgiving foods but that time with some eggnog! After eating, some of us would sit back watching some television while having a chat with others, some of us would be passed out (I was among one of some who usually passed out) and wait for our stomach to settled down from being so full due to eating so much of foods on Christmas day then we would start unwrapping the presents that we gifted each other. After unwrapping the presents, we had so much joy and happiness as the sunset approaching me and my mother would depart ourselves from my grandmother’s home to our home. When we arrived at home that night, our friends would either visit, phone us and chat with me through online when we had a dial-up internet with a very old windows 98 computer.

Dreams and the reality.

DreamsHello guys! I hope that everything is going well over there with every one of you, as always before I begin to write an article about something or on something I want to make sure to reach out to every one of you all first because before I said that I like to or always try to stay connected to all of friends that happens to be loyal readers here at JoshiesWorld. Now over here I have both good and bad days which is normal of course for everyone but I have struggled a lot lately and it is getting harder for me everyday because all I have done daily is trying to prep up something to write about or on even if I ever find something that is interesting or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write an article about something or on something which is getting more rare because lately I have noticed that many of sources are starting to lack of gathering information or going after some of information that the newspaper or magazines companies needed so they can have something to deliver to their viewers although I don’t have my own sources which I am trying to find a group source where can help me to go after the information I need or get me something that I can use so that it can take some pressure off myself. Whether if I can some good articles and some articles that aren’t so interesting for some of the people to read but only matters is that I try my best to give something that is at least important enough or something that I think everyone can use although JoshiesWorld is mainly on opinions which is my own but I still need something so I can give my opinion about them which is a bit more difficult than you can imagine.