I Support Net Neutrality

I see that a lot of people in my circle, this including both hearie community and deaf community are very concerned about Federal Communications Commission’s decision on repealing Net Neutrality. I am very glad that a lot of concerns going around because Net Neutrality is a serious matter for many of us, however I also seen many people who are either confused or misleading some others about what Net Neutrality is all about and what impact that it can do if Net Neutrality were to be repealed. First, Net Neutrality is not a law as some people seems to think they are and Net Neutrality is a policy made by Federal Communications Commission which is a federal agency that were founded by government to be the policymakers for the telecommunications. Federal government has several agencies to regulate some things, such as Federal Communications Commission were created by government to regulate television cable, radio, internet, wire, satellite and anything else that has to do with airwaves through the likes of satellites in space as they are what allows us to connect to some things through the airwaves such as internet (including cellular data), radio, television cable or others. Just like Health and Human Services is one of federal government’s agency to regulate healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid and anything else that has to do with our health or our wellbeing. So, you get the idea of Federal Communications Commission now and what authority or power they have which can be in a way good thing to limit the limitless power of the government under one roof to regulate everything – although they can but once they did they would have to go to these agencies to regulate them. Most of these agencies are meant to be independent but unfortunately, they assign anyone who has the same political party as the President or most of both senates and house.

Deaf Created Internet.

Do any one of you remember what it was to experience the internet for the first time? Especially some of you who was born in the 80s like I did and the people who born in 80s or earlier was the ones who truly experienced the internet for the first time especially in the beginning stage and whoever born a few years later than the 90s will never truly have the same experience that many of us who was born before the birth of internet because anyone who born a few years later the birth of internet in the late 80s (1989 in March to be specific) would not have to go through that we had to go through at that time when the internet was born especially World Wide Web (WWW). How is it different you ask? Some of you may remember or not remember, when the internet was born at that time we had gone through the most difficult thing ever with the internet and that is trying to connect to the internet using dial-up connection via telephone landline cable and at that time not many of us had the patience for that kind of thing. To have the first experience in trying out the internet today is more pleasuring, would put you in amaze of how the internet works and much less of hassles in getting connected to the internet. Back in the days when the internet was just born, it was truly a mess because it’s not as easy as plug and go as we had to manually connect to the internet by adding several information such as IP, DNS/Host name, username, and more then once that we have added the information in we would have to make a call to the telecommunication provider to ask them to connect us so imagine the hassle in doing that.

Photographers and photographs.

PhotographersWe know that everybody loves to take a lot of pictures for some reasons, whether it be for their memories, family photographs, friends photographs, vacation/trip photographs, landscape photographs and there are several different kinds of photographs that everybody like taking. I mean who doesn’t like taking some pictures? Well I know there are some of the people who don’t like taking some pictures or especially being in some of the pictures that is taken by somebody else which I am one of them who doesn’t like to be taken in some pictures although I don’t mind them as long as I know what they are for such as memories or something but I dislike having my pictures being taken for the public display or some sort. Even that I don’t like being in some of the pictures doesn’t means that I don’t like taking some of the photographs because I am a photographer on the side and my kind of photographs would be boudoirs especially with women because I consider them as art although some of the people who doesn’t understand or know what is photography would be against the boudoirs as they think that they have no respect for themselves or that they are naughty because most of the boudoirs are nudity but what they don’t realize is that many industries, magazines or professional photographers considered them arts and that showing their nature skin in the photographs is to let everyone know that they are proud of the way they are but in my opinion that it’s a beautiful creature although some of the people probably isn’t going to understand mine or many of others views when it comes to taking these kind of photographs for our clients.

Amazon and their new smartphone.

Amazon Fire PhoneThere is something that most of the people doesn’t know about Amazon especially their history when Amazon was launched, originally the Amazon was meant to be books online store where everyone can buy books online and or buy books digitally (e-books) online. Amazon was launched in July 1994 as an online bookstore for a few years then they made some of the decisions that they want to expand themselves more than just an online bookstore so they converted the Amazon company into a new company that sells everything such as DVD, CD, Furniture, video games, mp3 and video streaming, software, foods, apparel, electronics, toys, jewelry and several more instead of online bookstores on Amazon. Amazon was becoming the like of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and few of others but Amazon wants to turn the business in even larger than any popular stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and few of others so they have decided to turn the Amazon business that not only sell everything but to make their own products for everyone too and Amazon is not going to stop from going further, expanding themselves even larger than what Amazon is today which is very interesting because Amazon is becoming a business where there is no competitors that could go up against Amazon themselves and that is because there is no other Amazon at the moment and probably never will but I cannot say that because we never know if Amazon will ever have a competitor in the future but for now there is no competitor.

Deaf Community, text-to-911 is here.

Text-To-911 for deaf and hard of hearingI believe that this news is going to be very exciting for the people especially in the deaf community who is deaf or hard of hearing because everyday they struggles to have access to some services that everyone has except the people who is deaf or hard of hearing that requires voice or to listen. The most of the problem in deaf community would be communication barriers which is obvious because they use sign language (American Sign Language/ASL) to communicate and most of the people who is hearing don’t know their language to be able to communicate with the people who is deaf or hard of hearing, when they are at some important events by law they are required to provide the interpreter to the people who is deaf or hard of hearing so that each others can communicate. Now it is impossible for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing to use the phone to make a phone call because they are not able to hear so if they ever need medical attention or is in danger of something and they won’t be able to get some help by calling the emergency center using the number of 911, that is the problem and unfair to them because hearing people can call 911 when they need medical attention or need some emergency assistance. Imagine if some of the people who is deaf or hard of hearing have a heart attack or having their house being broken in by a robber, how are they able to get a hold of the emergency center to dispatch polices or the hospital? Very difficult because I am hard of hearing so I can tell you that not being able to have any access to the emergency center is very worrisome but luckily I never had the reason to need to call 911 at least yet and hope that I never will.

Iphone: Better than any other phones.

Apple Iphone 5S model.Everybody has their own preference for which products they like better than the others especially smartphones. There is several smartphones in the market which is a problem in my opinion because there is too many smartphones when there should have been ten different smartphones then that would be enough for anyone to choose. I mean there should be only one or maybe two the name of makers smartphone models, such as Apple only have one model name for smartphone which is Iphone and it’s acceptable that they can have update version of their own models such as 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4, 4S, 5 and 5S but other makers have too many models such as Samsung Galaxy, Note, Freeform, Gravity and others when Samsung should only make one model which is Galaxy S models (all version like Apple’s Iphone) and other companies that makes smartphones has too many models name. I think if each maker only have one or maybe two models name then they would sell a lot more. It always annoys me because I think it doesn’t make any sense to have so many models name, sure it does give us all kinds of choice to choose which smartphone we like the best but we can still choose one or two models name of each makers better as it would make it easier for us to choose and less of hassles by having to look over so many smartphones to see which one it suits us.