7-30-2017 Snippets

How are you all today or tonight?! I hope that all of you are doing well and I am doing well myself. I know it’s shocking that I decided to write another post for the blog in this short of time since I last wrote an article as lately I haven’t been that much of active in blogging world. I have tried to push myself back to where I can at least write two articles per week, but I can’t promise that I will because I don’t want to promise something that I might end up breaking and I don’t like breaking any promises if there were a promise made by me to somebody. Anyway, here I am with another snippet for you all to read and I probably will only do a short one tonight because I am not exactly in the mood to write an article for the blog. Really, I haven’t been in mood for anything lately and not only that I haven’t been feeling well myself for a week now. Summer is running out; this year is probably the shortest and quickest summer I have ever felt or seen because all the students and employees going back to school on August 7th which is in one week from now. But again, as I have said before, probably in a lot of articles that I am not really a fan of the heat and that I truly love the winter more than all the seasons. Because of the temperature? To some extent, yes but not only that, because I love the feeling of seeing the snows sticks to the ground here at home and it makes me feel homey. If we aren’t dangerously stuck here because it’d be bad if we were to be stuck and we need to get to the emergency room for something or when we have appointments for something. I guess, I don’t mind being snowed in as long as we still have the power, water and whatnot along with the road cleared only on these days that we must go somewhere such as our doctor appointments, to shop for grocery or to pay bills for something.

Selfie is so overrated!

SelfieEver since the booming industries that manufacture some of the smartphones or tablets with two cameras for on the back of the devices and on the front of the devices, technology is going crazy lately which gives everyone a way to come up with something new that no one has done yet especially when it comes to using the cameras on the either front or the back of the devices. For a while ever since the first smartphone came out that has two cameras for both front and back then later the tablets starts coming out with both cameras for the front and back as well so ever since that have happened there has increased numbers of people who likes taking some of the photographs of something that they sees or taking some photographs of themselves along with some of their friends or their family. What bothers me is ever since the beginning of the devices that has both front/back cameras it turns several people into becoming more lazy to use the cameras like DSLR or even a compact digital camera anymore and got used to use their smartphone or tablets to snap some photographs but what they do not realize is that the cameras for smartphones or tablets are only meant to take a quick photograph at places and times that they didn’t have the DSLR or compact digital camera with them so the cameras for smartphones or tablets are there to take pictures of something that they wished they have the DSLR or any compact digital cameras with them if that make sense to you.

Photographers and photographs.

PhotographersWe know that everybody loves to take a lot of pictures for some reasons, whether it be for their memories, family photographs, friends photographs, vacation/trip photographs, landscape photographs and there are several different kinds of photographs that everybody like taking. I mean who doesn’t like taking some pictures? Well I know there are some of the people who don’t like taking some pictures or especially being in some of the pictures that is taken by somebody else which I am one of them who doesn’t like to be taken in some pictures although I don’t mind them as long as I know what they are for such as memories or something but I dislike having my pictures being taken for the public display or some sort. Even that I don’t like being in some of the pictures doesn’t means that I don’t like taking some of the photographs because I am a photographer on the side and my kind of photographs would be boudoirs especially with women because I consider them as art although some of the people who doesn’t understand or know what is photography would be against the boudoirs as they think that they have no respect for themselves or that they are naughty because most of the boudoirs are nudity but what they don’t realize is that many industries, magazines or professional photographers considered them arts and that showing their nature skin in the photographs is to let everyone know that they are proud of the way they are but in my opinion that it’s a beautiful creature although some of the people probably isn’t going to understand mine or many of others views when it comes to taking these kind of photographs for our clients.

Becoming a photographer.

I have decided to become a photographer for the first time, bought myself a DSLR recently and I am looking forward to have some photographs done. I have already bought many of things to be a photographer such as quite expensive tripod, DSLR bag, lenses, speedlite and some softwares for processing such as Lightroom and Photoshop. My photography copyright name is Joshies’ Photography for any those who wonder what it’s being called. I have only took very few photographs and it’s not many but it is because I just begin my photography career which not everybody realize and I know there’s few of people who telling me that I don’t have enough of photographs, what do you expect? I stated that I just started.

I am very much looking forward to collect more photographs to showcase them everywhere I can think of and hopefully that my images spread more places than I have thought of. What I will be doing is that I decided to be a photography in ALL categories, not only a couple. Such as landscape, animals, portraits, boudoir, sports, events (wedding, party, others) and more. So you could call it “all-in-one photographer” if you will. I have already photographs very few because there’s not much of good things that worth for photographs around here especially landscape due to this area being extremely wet all the time that there’s rarely any flowers, plants and others that grew out of the yards as it is mostly muddy. And my area is extremely small, however it isn’t stopping me from doing some works on other categories and only landscape if I am somewhere else than here.