11-4-2017 Snippets

Here I am back writing another article, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to write one or not because I am not really in the mood to write one but seeing that I have nothing else to do so I decided that I might as well make a new blog post and get done with it. I don’t even have the list of topics that I would like to talk about because it’s blank now, for a few weeks I didn’t think of anything interesting that I would like to write about, so I am pretty much swinging it as I type this article and hopefully this brain of mine comes up with a topic or so on its own for me to write about. You might as well say that I am blabbing here, because I am and let’s see how that turns out for the both of us!

11-4-2017 Snippets

Like I said above, I am swinging it here as I type so that mean that 50/50 chance that the topics may be interesting and may not be interesting since I am writing this article unprepared. I am usually prepared because often I would have at least a couple of topics on a note that I update on a weekly basis that I would like to write for my blog when I have the chance or when I am in the mood to do so. Now that being said, I will go ahead and begin here but remember that if there are some topics that you would like for me to share my opinion or thought on you can always send me some suggestion for topics that you would like for me to add the next one.

11/15/2016 Tidbits

I am going to try my best to make this a short tidbits article but again I really don’t know if it will be a short or long, sometimes I would have about three to five topics that I want to talk about and next thing I know that after I finished writing what I wanted to talk about these three to five topics I ended up thinking of more topics that I would like to talk about on the fly so when it comes to me writing any tidbits it is really unpredictable whether if it’s going to be only a few or is it going to be a several topics. As right of now I have about three or four important topics that I need to talk about and hopefully that I don’t start thinking of more good topics that I would want to talk about which I have often when it comes to writing tidbits article. If I do ended up writing more than intended with three or four topics then I hope that you bear with me and who knows maybe these topics that I thought of on the fly could be valuable information for some of you to know about. I know that there is two things that I must talk about in this tidbits, these two topics won’t be pleasing to some of you and this even may anger some of you but I truly don’t care because this is my opinions or my experiences. If you disagree then that is perfectly fine because it’s my opinion or my experience which not everyone have the same opinion as mine or the experiences that I had experienced and you are more than free to share your own opinions or experiences on your weblog if you have one as you have every right to do so just as I do with mine.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

While we know that Call of Duty series is popular war or military gaming these days along with their rivalry Battlefield games. I don’t know about you but I have waited impatiently for a new Call of Duty game to come into the franchises ever since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released and recently the news has resurfaced that Call of Duty franchises is being in making another game! It’s exciting news to hear for me and I am sure some of you are excited as well and is looking forward to play a new Call of Duty game, this time their new game is called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Recently on gamespot they have released new trailer for the new game in franchise and it’s looking amazing and it’s unbelievable especially coming off a very popular Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

In this new game is a whole different storyline and has a whole new set of weapons and others to use in the game as it looks like in the trailer and it has a celebrity, an actor in this game which I am sure that most of you are going to recognize this person right at the second you sees him which is a bit weird especially that they picks him for the role in this game as most of previous games never, not to my knowledge had any actors nor celebrities in except the trailer as Black Ops 2 trailer had Robert Downey JR flying a jet along with other YouTube superstars such as IJustine and few more but this time in this new game it actually have an actor being in the game? It’s going to be very interesting I am telling you especially having him as a boss.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Last month on the release date for a game called “Call of Duty: Black ops 2”, a second series addition to Call of Duty: Black ops. I have purchased myself Call of Duty: Black ops 2 limited edition and has been playing few of times here and there, especially in both story and multiplayers online. The story mode in Black Ops 2 is surprisingly amazing and it gives you more controls of what you do in it unlike the earlier series of Call of Duty games and their graphic is amazing also. I can honestly say that I like it and do recommend the game especially for Xbox 360 but if you are PS3 or even WII fan then you should get the game for that specific console. Although I have to say there’s one or maybe two downside to that new game though. While that the story mode is fantastic, I have nothing negative to say about that specifically however, I do have something to say about multiplayers which I should warn every one of you that has NOT yet to get black ops 2 and is planning on to purchase it. Now in multiplayers online, in classes where you get to assign weapons and other things such as perks and claymore and such – is really limited. For example, like in all previous call of duty games you get to assign your favorite weapons in your primary and secondary, and adding your favorite perks and playing all of the challenges to upgrade those perks to pro and adding accessories onto your weapons such as sight and rapid fire, that is where you have to be more careful of what you choose now in Black Ops 2. You only can choose 10 things in per custom class of your own which after you set up primary weapon and all of that, you hardly get any slot available to have a secondary weapon because if you are going to set up a secondary weapon in your class then you won’t have any of awesome accessories added onto your primary weapon because there isn’t any slots available to do so since the slots limit is only 10 which that really sucks and always irks me.