Women, fat women are unweclomed.

Women model, Abercrombie & FitchToday there is several appeals retailers for all of people who is men, female, children or toddlers to pick and most of them have their favorite brand of the appeals to wear and some of the brands they dislike. While it is known that in United States of America that one of few biggest problem is the obesity such as overweight because some of the people loves to eat the foods that is not healthy at all, by unhealthy foods would be almost all of foods from every fast food restaurants and restaurants in United States although there are only very few restaurants that offers some of healthy foods on their menu and there are very few of healthy restaurants for anyone who either want to lose weights or keep up their current weights by either not gaining any weights or losing any weights. Although in the ratio the fast foods or restaurants that offers unhealthy foods on their menu is about 9 out of 1 against the fast foods or restaurants that offers healthy foods on their menu for anyone to choose, the unhealthy fast foods and restaurants are such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardees, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and many more while the healthy restaurants such as Panera Bread, Apple Bee’s (only few healthy foods on the menu), Subway (some foods on menu are healthy) and few more for the customers to choose but in that ratio isn’t great at all as there should a bit more healthy restaurants at least same numbers as the unhealthy fast foods and restaurants.

JoshiesWorld now has official logo!

As most of the people doesn’t know what was going on lately in the behind of JoshiesWorld because I don’t just write the articles and then move on to something else because everyday I have been work a lot for JoshiesWorld such as internet marketing, promoting, SEO and many of the other things so that JoshiesWorld can continue to grow so I have to do a lot more work than just writing some of the articles. Recently I have decided that I would take it to the next level for JoshiesWorld and that would be getting an official brand logo for JoshiesWorld but the problem is I am not graphic designer (web designer is completely different comparing to graphic designer) so there was only one option I could take and that was to look for a professional graphic designer that has a skill in a specific area which is the logo because there is that many type of graphic designer such as logo, flyer, business cards, letterhead, and many more so I hired someone who is a professional logo designer to create a brand logo for JoshiesWorld that will be in for a long-term.