Donation and Gifts

So as we know that a few websites or blogs who have a donation button or gifts wish list service such as Amazon where they can list things that they would like to have and anybody can send them a gift by buying something from their wish list. A service such as Amazon, it is already set up where you would pick anything from their wish list that they would like to have then pay for them and Amazon will ship these things that you bought from their wish list to them without revealing their shipping address or your shipping address as well along with any sensitive information such as billing information so it’s a great feature that Amazon has to offer for anyone who would like to make a wish list for somebody else to buy them as a gift to them. Now not many but some websites and bloggers puts the donation button where you can donate any funds that you wish to them through PayPal, PayPal is secured as well like Amazon as they never share any sensitive information to anybody that you send a donation or gift to them as they only show your name to let them know who the donation or gift were coming from although I believe that they have anonymous option but I am not sure of that because I have not looked into it yet.

The Dingess Tunnel in Wv.

Yesterday my mother and I decided to drive out to one of my mother’s childhood favorite place so I could experience it myself as well. I love seeing historic places or any places that has history on them and Dingess Tunnel is one of them but many people have said that the Dingess Tunnel is haunted for several years although I haven’t seen any ghosts luckily because I am terrified of them. Dingess Tunnel is in southwest of West Virginia in Mingo county and the tunnel is somewhat long so if you ever decide to touch the Dingess tunnel be sure to take your time looking around inside the tunnel especially at both ends of the tunnel because the walls is somewhat amazing to me. When we went to the Dingess tunnel I decided to record a video so that all of you can experience what I was experiencing while going inside the tunnel in a vehicle so enjoy the video and I will be including a directions or map in case if you ever want to know how to get there.

Click -> Map of Dingess Tunnel

Thank you for watching the video and I hope that all of you have a great night. Be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or for the morning whichever it is over there where you lives at. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook!

Deaf rapper.

I decided to start searching for different news and videos to read and watch because I was boring and had nothing to do. While I was doing so, I have stumble upon news articles about music has decided to involve a deaf singer, which in this case where people can be the in music and sign with sign language in some videos and creating songs. The record label has decided to sign a deaf rapper! Fox news has said that his name is Sean Forbes and he is deaf who will be doing the music and also will be in opening with a rapper Ludcris and such. He has already created one song that I’ve heard of and watched the video, it was amazing. The song is titled “I’m deaf” by Sean Forbes. Now the music industry is stating that he’s sort of The Real Slim’s Shady singer, Eminem. The rumor is that Sean Forbes is supposed to be in some sort of movie but I am not sure if it’s actually true but I do know the music is actually true and it’s happening since he has already signed the record deal. So hopefully that he’ll make it far as some of singers do, because he is inspiring to a lot of deaf and hard of hearing cultures, that’s for sure! Here’s some of videos that you can watch and to know who Sean Forbes is, and also his rapper name is D-Pan. You can either search Sean Forbes or D-Pan rapper on some search engines such as Google or Yahoo! They will bring up some of results for you to read further to find more information about him and his record deal. Congratulation Sean Forbes!

What’s this?

I have always wonder what this toy is called, I have been playing with it for over two weeks and got addicted to playing this little toy and have no clue what this toy is called. Click to play in the video below and let me know what that toy is called so I could maybe go and purchase few more for my collection and pleasure as this toy really relax me every now and then. When I have the urge to be relaxed then this toy is the tool for me to be relaxed. Please leave a comment below and let me know what it’s called. Thank you very much for the help and as well read this!

Please remember to let the video buffer 100% before you play the video. You can see buffer percents inside the video bottom left corner. Buffering is same as loading, downloading via your connection to be able to see it live.