Excited for another niece!

My sister Suzanne is pregnant for most of you know is going onto the hospital on Monday if her baby hasn’t born before Monday night. She will be going there Monday night and then go into labor on Tuesday and that is making me very excited and nervous at same time! So I will be having another niece by Wednesday, definitely as she said. And yes I do already have a niece named Serinity which is from my youngest sister Racheal that is from Ohio but my young sister Suzanne that currently live about 15-20 minutes if not more away from me and she’s naming the baby Kaylen Raine. She’s going to be very beautiful, since Suzanne is! So I will be able to be close to Kaylen than I am with Serinity since Serinity is very far away from where I am.

So hopefully that everything will go smooth for my sister Suzanne and if you believes in praying. I ask you to pray for my sister Suzanne and as well her first new baby to come into the world to go smooth and healthy, for it not to be injured anything majorly.

Respect for Stevie.

I was watching a video on YouTube this morning for Michael Jackson concerts and stuff then I stumbled upon a video of Stevie Wonder hitting the piano and sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” which is made by Michael Jackson himself but Stevie Wonders made a great tribute that I have ever seen for a tribute to Michael Jackson and it is indeed amazing. In about half way of the video Stevie wonders went into a breakdown and missed few words in Michael Jackson’s lyric. I have nothing but the utter most respect for this man that are musician who is blind for all of his life that knows how to play piano and also he knew who Michael Jackson was as he has worked with him before, especially in 70s – 80s. Overall, it is breathtaking and I recommend you to click the play below in the video to watch how amazing tribute Stevie has done for Michael Jackson! Also John Legend join with Stevie Wonders to do the tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson as well!

Beyonce block party with fans.

I just saw this video on YouTube after reading the article on Yahoo and it got me in awe after seeing that she danced with some fans of hers in middle of the street while she and her husband Jay-Z was visiting his mother. Figure if you haven’t seen the article/new on Yahoo which it was featured, then I’ll leave a video below for you guys to watch so you can see what I am talking about. But regardless, that is Beyonce. The song playing is The Wobble by Vic. I am glad to see that some of celebrities aren’t stuck up like the most of celebrities who just ignore the fans unlike Beyonce, while Beyonce just jumped into the block party and danced with the people in the street.