BallFork Mountain.

Last weekend we have decided that we would go riding on four wheelers as I own ATVs or some just prefer to call them four wheelers but I like to call them ATV because when you say four wheelers, most of times the trucks comes to mind although ATV can be called four-wheeler as well so sometimes it’s a bit confusing when it comes to talking about four-wheeler because sometimes people would think it means truck and sometimes people would think it means ATV. So calling them ATV would be more straightforward in my opinion, hence they are classified that and what more it can be confusing too because some people calls the side by side ATV as well but they are classified as UTV which is what I also like to call them myself; UTV stands for Utility Terrain Vehicle and ATV is All-Terrain Vehicle. Nonetheless back to the subject, Ballfork Mountain which is a very beautiful mountain that I like going to as much as I can when I have the time or energy to do so and Ballfork Mountain is found in Blackberry, Kentucky which is here in the United States so if you ever decide to come visiting the United States for trail riding on either ATV or UTV/SXS I would highly recommend that Ballfork Mountain is one of few to check out and they have plenty of mileage that you can cover which is what makes it more fun because in my opinion that wherever has a trail that’s made for ATV/UTV with a couple of hundreds or more miles to ride for is worthy to check out.

Club for ATV, SXS and Dirt Bike.

On memorial day I have decided to found a club for all the people love to go trails riding with their toys such as ATV, SXS (Side By Side) and dirt bikes. For some weeks I have been in discussion with only very a few of the people about a name for the club until I came to the name that I thought it would be a good name for the club especially trying to come up with the name of the club that would be meaningful and suits all of riders because in the beginning of going over the name for the club all of riders were in mind. Finally I have come up with the name of the club which I have announced when I made an announcement over on social media that I have founded a club for all the riders because in this area and several miles radius has no club for the trails riders. By areas I mean both Pike County in Kentucky and Mingo County in West Virginia specifically but there are more than both of these counties though. When I came up with the name for the club, since I am web developer I decided to secretly started building a club website for whoever would like to join the club and on the day when I announced that I have founded the club I also launched the club website as well so to have everything ready.

Fundraiser and charities.

Thinking about to do a fundraiser for some charities, or for anyone who really in needs some help with money. As some of you know that I am president of ATV Addict club for ATV and side by side riding but nobody has joined the club yet as I have gave up on leading a club of my own called ATV Addict, but thinking about to try to get it going in hope to raise funds for some charity of our choice, of course there will be a poll for everybody to vote which one should we be giving the funds to. I am planning on to get everything going for the club that I have formed in March, or at least April and hopefully to have everybody to ride with us and donate funds into the bucket from ATV Addict riding club and then all of funds be given to one selected charity or depends on how much each person is in needs for it such as for homeless, high debt in hospital/doctor bills and others. And of course, every one who ride with us and donate at least minimum or more in money and then of course each of donor will be credited for it coming from ATV Addict because I want them to know who exactly is donating and what group are we from. There’s several clubs ride has done this for many years but except us, because there’s only couple people in the club at this moment but in hope to seek for a volunteer to promote the club somehow. While we are completely non-profit organization, we don’t accept money for ourselves but only use the funds that goes to charity or someone only within’ a reason. Soon hopefully, we will be riding at Ballfork mountain in Blackberry, KY and then Buffalo mountain in West Virginia, please note this that we do not charge for the permit to enter in Hatfield and McCoy trails system but they charge anyone for good cost of $50 annual, though. I will be working on to bring ATVAddict website back and run it again so that way anyone can join the club at no charge. We never will charge you for anything, so it’s really up to anyone that would like to donate some cash into the bucket and then to give it to a charity or anyone needs it within’ a reason of course we will always have a discussion on which charity it should be going to or who should it be going to, so it’s not entirely up to me as it’s up to all of donors and then make a poll for it for anyone to vote.

Polaris XP is in the shop.

Well. As I have been driving for a while, about 11 miles so far. I have drove it on the road and the mountain, yesterday I had to take it to the shop because it caused a problem. The problem is the EPS. Power steering, when I was driving even at slow and also steady speed the steering starting to get harder and harder, almost locked me out twice. And the EPS indicator shown every now and then. Hopefully, I will have it back tomorrow. If you are wondering what model and such. Mine is 2010 Polaris Sportman 550 XP EFI with of course EPS. But I still favorite Polaris, I have always love Honda but I am starting to move onto Polaris. I still own my 2002 Honda Rubicon, so right now I am driving my old one until my new Polaris gets out of the shop. Hopefully the warranty will covers the hours of their working and including the new parts if they find anything wrong with the EPS.