Wendys french fries changes!

I am absolutely looking forward to Wendy’s french fries change. They are going to change the taste and the feeling of french fries, mostly what they will be doing is leaving the skins on french fries and change the regular salt to sea salt! I have always loved crispy french fries, not soggy. Of course I have always loved Wendy’s french fries but only if I eat them right after I ordered it because if you ordered it and then wait for about ten minutes or twenty minutes, it gets colder and more soggy then that is when it gets aggravating for me and most of people that are huge fan of french fries. By its look of the picture that they are fixing to put in Wendy’s market, hopefully that it’s going to be crispy as well, mostly french fries that has skins on french fries are crispy nowadays, for example from Arby’s! By judging the article on Yahoo! titled Wendy’s sells new fries with potato skin, sea salt. The difference of french fries from judging the article, it says that they have used different blends of potatoes for french fries, but this time they decide to use Russett potatoes for their french fries. I can imagine that a lot of people may be disappointed that they are changing the french fries from Wendy’s because a lot of people already loved their current french fries and same french fries years ago but you got to give this a chance, you never know that it could be better than the kind of french fries they are choose to sell to customers. For me, I have always loved Arby’s french fries, so judging its look in the picture that it could be familiar to Arby’s but of course different especially with sea salt. So I am, indeed looking forward to the new french fries, if you still prefer soggy, soft, old-fashioned french fries there is always Mcdonalds for that. If you want to read more about the Wendy’s french fries changes then I recommend you to click here and pop up another window to read the article on Yahoo! about their decision on changes for their french fries in their market! Sure, Wendy’s isn’t known for its french fries as they are known for its fresh, not frozen beef as in hamburgers and in chilli and such but let’s see how their new french fries comes out! I don’t know if they are selling their old-fashioned french fries still, but if it does then today is your best time to order until the new french fries comes out. When you order old-fashioned french fries or if they already begins to sell the new french fries, be sure to ask for cheese for french fries dipping, they will give you a small cup of melted cheese for french fries dipping and I tell you it’s top notch, if you haven’t tried their dipping cheese for french fries then ask for it and try it! Their cheese dipping for french fries has been going around for pretty long time and I am surprised if you hasn’t tried it.