US Army Helicopter Harvested Marijuana

Two days ago on Thursday my mother were swimming in her new swimming pool with a deck that my step father and his father built out back the house as the heatwaves hits here which the weather service have warned us that we would have a 5-days heatwaves. The weather service were somewhat correct as today is the third day of the 5-days heatwaves, two days ago were very hot but today is hotter as the weather said that it’s a record-setting in temperature today since the year of 2013 as the temperature for today is 97 so it’s bothersome hot but back to the subject, on Thursday two days ago when my mother were swimming and she immediately saw a militarized helicopters making a flyby over here as they did so multiply times so she texted me saying “action” with a picture of the militarized helicopter that she took with her iPhone 6S plus which I will post below. Saw that there were something hanging below the helicopter, she said that it was two men swinging with the rope below the helicopter so we assumed that it was either a rescue mission or a training mission and we both were wrong about that because it wasn’t even close to that. We were not the only ones who saw the helicopter as several people in local, about 10 miles distance within’ from my home saw the militarized helicopter with two men holding onto a rope underneath the helicopter and took a picture of them as well. When they did a flyby over here, after my mother texted me saying “action” with a picture of the militarized helicopter I immediately grabbed my GoPro camera out of my gearbox and went out back of the house where the swimming pool is in hope that they would make another flyby here so that I could finally have something to record a video of which they did make another flyby.

Military for deaf and hard of hearing.

Military Branches Logos

All countries have military to defend each of their countries from other countries and when any countries are under any threats or attacked the countries then they will most likely declare a war against any countries that threatened or attacked them by sending military troops from any branch over to the attacker country with offense to fight them for attacking their country while having the defensive troops standby at their own country to defend if anyone from the attacker’s country decides to come over to that country or if they launch missiles then the country has the defensive military to stop the incoming attacks if possible. Every countries military have the pride in themselves for being a soldier that fights and defend their own countries, not only that every soldiers are fighting for their country to defend their family which that is their primary reason of being soldiers and that is understandable because no one likes to see anybody harms their own family. In fact a lot of people who wants to become the soldiers to fight and defend for their country due to some reasons including to defends their own country where their family is but not everyone can join to be a soldier which is a bit of discrimination by own country or governments in my opinion whether they agree or disagree that it is somewhat a discrimination because if someone with disability who apply for a job at some places and then they are rejected due to their disability then that would consider discrimination so that is same way with not being able to join to fight and defend their country due to them having some disabilities.

Monster Energy Drinks

Lately I have been keep purchasing Monster Energy drinks especially the regular one which is green and the other one would be absolutely zero so that way I can drink one of regular monster energy and absolutely zero monster energy to keep me on diet and such. But let me tell you something though, I used to drink Red Bull heavily which was my daily drink until I decided to give Monster Energy drinks and fell in love with them immediately. In fact I have several red bull cases which is about a little over 30 cans because before I would not give Monster Energy drinks a chance to see how they taste and how effective they are. Once I took a first sip of Monster Energy which was assault flavor and it caught me off guard because I never imagined that it would taste absolutely great, so afterward I started buying some more different flavors to try and now Monster Energy drinks are my only energy drinks and I refuse to drink any other energy drinks but Monster Energy. I currently in fact own over 30 Monster Energy drinks different flavors and I have been drinking about a couple to three daily, the regular (green) one is the most flavor I have drank but Absolutely Zero comes close to the amounts of how many I am drinking the regular flavor of Monster Energy, ever since I have started drinking Monster Energy like I would drink pop/sodas which is tons I started buying Monster Energy appeals such as hats, few shirts and others in fact at this moment within’ a month I have purchased 5-6 Monster Energy hats of course with Fox Racing because Fox Racing is my every day wear so Monster Energy comes with it is definitely a bonus for me. So I have decided to join Monster Energy Army and is currently joining different sponsorships that they are offering which you can also join the Monster Army by clicking this link and if you would like to add me as a friend on Monster Army then you are invited to do so by going here and then request me as a friend once after you registered yourself an account. And then you will be joining different missions in sponsorship then you will be able to get 24 cans of Monster Energy a lot cheaper in fact I can purchase 24 cans for only $27 dollars while other stores and online sells for double price than that! The more missions you completed the better deal you get for doing so.