For a few days now I have searched for a way to make more accessible for the sighted people who is colored blind, need some contrast to be able to read the blog better and for the people who need the letters to be bigger so to make it easier for everybody to read. In few days of my research on how to figure a way to give some accessibility to sighted people, I came across that the important thing is having the ability to enlarge the letters, change the contrast which turns bright parts of the website into dark and grayscale for the people who is color blind. I want to make sure that I don’t leave anyone out, as for one that I am Hard of Hearing myself so I know how difficult it is to have access to certain things such as American Sign Language interpreters or Video Relay Service (VRS) so Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Blind have something in common. Nevertheless I added new features for that will, hopefully, helps some of you readers to have some accessibility for reading as you can zooms the writing into bigger words, turn the entire website’s colors to assist the color-blinded people and the grayscale as well. You can find the feature easily, by looking for the bar on the left side on here at JoshiesWorld where you will see three buttons and choose which option you need to help you to read JoshiesWorld’s articles better.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Joshie, JoshiesWorld founder and blogger speaking out to all of you readers, fans or friends whichever you prefer but in my mind all of you are friends even may of you may be strangers because I don’t know you although you may know me a bit through here. I wanted to make a blog post to tell every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and that I hope all of you have a great day! I am certain that most of you will because it involves a full table of delicious foods right?! One of few things to be thankful for, to have foods to fed and to be able to share the foods with your family while sharing some memories with each others which is a very precious thing to have. Me? I used to look forward to thanksgiving every year because that means I get to visit my grandparent’s house, eat large amounts of foods and spend the time with the grandparents along with the rest of the family as my grandparents house were the place that everyone in the family to be at on the thanksgiving day. But unfortunately, I no longer looking forward to thanksgiving which that means I have lost interests for the thanksgiving for a few years now although the traditional of having thanksgiving foods carries on as a I refuses that traditional to be broken even if it’s a day earlier or on the day of Thanksgiving or the day after the Thanksgiving but no longer or earlier than that.

Outside of JoshiesWorld.

Hey guys! How have every one of you been doing lately ever since the last two days ago, ever since the last two days I wrote an article about video relay service? I hope every one of you are doing wonderful, I am doing wonderful myself and my family are doing well too which something that I am very thankful more than anything. I wasn’t planning on to write an article for today because I am too exhausted to be writing an article which this is why I decide to make a new article here, this is a personal or announcement one but I feel that I should let every one of you know that there are another blog I write that is outside of here so I want to make sure that all of you have all of access to my blogs as there are two I use the most which is here and one over at Google Blogspot service. I use my official weblog to post something that I think it is serious or something that it is important, over at Google Blogspot I only blog there for the short or a quick writing so if I am going to write only a few lines or sentences on a blog then obviously it will be over at Google Blogspot service and something serious, important or long is right here. Just like this article which is a short and sweet as I would do at Google Blogspot so I suggest that all of you if you are fans of JoshiesWorld to subscribe or bookmark my Google Blogger/Blogspot blog which is I would greatly appreciate if you all do!

Moving Hosting.

In case if some of you were wondering why were down for about a day and half, the answer to that question is that I have decided to move to another provider for a server to host websites I run. I was with one company for several years until a couple or three days ago they have decided that they would discontinue a specific plan that I only liked so they left me no choice but to find a new home to run my websites and I hate moving especially when it comes to migrating websites with databases repeatedly until I find a provider that I am comfortable with the most. I have researched heavily to who I should be comfortable with and found a provider that sparked my interest especially after a long chat with one of their salesperson who was very convincing especially making sure that they meets my requirements. When it comes to hosting the most important I looked for is the security then the second is the loading time which it seems to be fair enough for me to be comfortable with especially at my budget.

Hey you, yes you all!

Hey guys! I hope that everything are going well over there with all of you, and I hope that all of you have done something that’s fun while the summer lasts because it seems that the summer is nearing the end rather quick for some of us. All of the students are already back in schools or universities by now so the time are flying fast, some of us including myself are already done with the summer because myself I absolutely cannot wait for the winter to arrive and only reason I cannot wait for the winter to arrive is because of Christmas! Nothing is better than the morning on Christmas day being surrounded by the family although I won’t be surrounded by any family except only my mother but that’s only matters the most for me because nothing is better than sharing the moments with her on Christmas day. Anyway since the summer is in the corner, have you already got your Christmas list written for what you want for Christmas? I only told my mother that I’d like to have an Apple Mac Pro although I don’t really care if she gets anything for me because all its matters to me the most is to have her for the Christmas. I have a feelings that in particular east of the United States are going to be a record-breaking coldest this year in the winter because the weather is a lot different this year than all the years ago especially where we have gotten a lot of rain while in the west of United States are struggling to have rain so it has changed for the first time in many years that before the west were always wet with heavy rain, snow, storms and others but now it’s the other way for the first time year which is a bit odd so I am expecting that we’re going to be hit with heavy snow that we haven’t had in many years here. I love snows so I definitely won’t mind as long as it’s not going to knock the power because of the heating to keep ourselves warm.

Robin Williams passed away, RIP!

Robin WilliamsHey guys! How are the things going over there with you all wherever you all are at? I hope everything is well, all is going well over here although it has been pour raining all day here in Belfry which is an area in the state of Kentucky in United States and even with the heaviness of the rain have been going on here for all day at almost non-stop that did not stop me from taking an 30-minutes trip to Wal-Mart over in Pikeville with my mother as we both had to go to Pikeville today for something so we decided to go ahead and stop over at Wal-Mart over in Pikeville since that we were there because the Wal-Mart in Pikeville are a lot better than the one here in Belfry area for some reason. Nonetheless with the hard pouring rain all over, I still had fun with my mother there though my arm is now hurting from pushing the cart for a couple of hours over there at Wal-Mart and I have bought a small amount of things such as a $50 Itunes card because I always buy the movies from there to watch the movies on my computer or an Apple TV since I have recently bought the Apple TV a few weeks ago which that reminds me that I need to hook it up sometime soon because where I have not hooked it up due to tight schedule I have lately which sucks a bit because it limits me of doing something that I actually like. Anyway after getting home from Pikeville my mother cooked up me a great homemade gravy, biscuits and sun-up eggs breakfast for today’s dinner because she makes the best gravy & biscuits I have ever tasted in my life which I am sure that some can agree if they have tried them but then after the dinner I power up my computer as usual to get on the computer to surf on the internet so I can have something to do such as like writing this article.