I Support Net Neutrality

I see that a lot of people in my circle, this including both hearie community and deaf community are very concerned about Federal Communications Commission’s decision on repealing Net Neutrality. I am very glad that a lot of concerns going around because Net Neutrality is a serious matter for many of us, however I also seen many people who are either confused or misleading some others about what Net Neutrality is all about and what impact that it can do if Net Neutrality were to be repealed. First, Net Neutrality is not a law as some people seems to think they are and Net Neutrality is a policy made by Federal Communications Commission which is a federal agency that were founded by government to be the policymakers for the telecommunications. Federal government has several agencies to regulate some things, such as Federal Communications Commission were created by government to regulate television cable, radio, internet, wire, satellite and anything else that has to do with airwaves through the likes of satellites in space as they are what allows us to connect to some things through the airwaves such as internet (including cellular data), radio, television cable or others. Just like Health and Human Services is one of federal government’s agency to regulate healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid and anything else that has to do with our health or our wellbeing. So, you get the idea of Federal Communications Commission now and what authority or power they have which can be in a way good thing to limit the limitless power of the government under one roof to regulate everything – although they can but once they did they would have to go to these agencies to regulate them. Most of these agencies are meant to be independent but unfortunately, they assign anyone who has the same political party as the President or most of both senates and house.

Periscope By Twitter.

Periscope App LogoHow are you all doing at the time of this warm night?! I am doing fine but definitely could be better though and again that is just a part of precious thing we call life. Lately I have done a lot of researches on everything, by everything I mean everything because I was just curious about what is going on out there in this polluted world that we all lives in and when I do research I don’t only research one specific thing. Just researching in general of everything with mixes of different topics or what us bloggers call categories so that we can find something to blog about or to get some ideas on what we should blog about, not only that we also do some research to make sure that all facts we know are really facts before we would say something that are facts so to not mislead our readers of anything and through doing some researches helps us to keep us in check as bloggers. When it comes to sharing our opinions on blogs, most of us would make sure that we understand whatever the subjects are before sharing our opinions out on the internet so to make our opinions valid and there are not many bloggers who makes the effort of doing what a very few of us as bloggers do when it comes to blogging by doing several researches but the bottom line is doing researches before blogging is important or at least in my opinion it is for me.

Google and Apple made truce.

Google and AppleAs most of you know that Apple is always in the battle with patient infringements especially from Samsung and recently Motorola which both uses Android which is developed from Google so Apple filed lawsuit against all top cell phone makers such as Samsung and Motorola because both infringed the patients that was filed by Apple. If some of you don’t know what patients means or how they works, they are like copyright or trademark but in different way such as when you invent something that no one else has and you want to protect your inventions then you file patients with United States patients so that nobody can copy your inventions and if they do in any way copy or clone your own invention then you have the full right to file lawsuit against anyone that copy your invention for compensation because your patients is being infringed by someone else then you have the case for patients infringement against the ones who is copying your invention and making the money from them which is against the law especially in patients part of law, hope that I clear that up for you but it is exactly what Apple is doing with Samsung and other top cell phone maker because they are copying Apple’s inventions and use their patients which is a big no-no at least in the eye of law.

WhatsApp: The Review!

WhatsApp LogoHave ever you heard an app called WhatsApp? If not then it’s text messaging service on steroid basically, better than your typical text messaging app that comes with your smartphone because using text messaging on your smartphone you can only send text message, picture or video messaging. On WhatsApp app has more features as a text messaging service where you can send text, video, picture, audio, share a contact, share map and others. I have downloaded WhatsApp today for my Iphone for the first time to give it a try to see what’s the fuzz over it because WhatsApp is growing very fast in apps world and it’s so popular that FaceBook bought it for $19 billion dollars, not M as in million but B as in billion dollars of course it caught my attention as it would anyone else so I had to give it a try today and after trying it out I must say that it’s one of best app I have ever came across surprisingly because I am not apps junkie like several people with smartphones are.

Samsung says Goodbye to Android.

I have come across a source about Samsung company and as well Android which we all know that Android is created by Google but if some of you don’t know that Android were created by Google then now you do know. Today hundreds of smartphones and cell phones are using Android system software which is quite overdoing it I think, like earlier post I have made about Apple wins vs Samsung in their court trial when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the copyright from Apple considering that Apple owns these patients that Samsung violates by copying the interface of Iphone for their smartphone known as all Galaxy models and Samsung tried to counter Apple but failed several cases against Apple while that Apple won almost every cases against Samsung and I dislike Samsung for one reason and that is they have no howsoever creativity for their products hence the copyright infringement meaning that they violates the law by copying someone else work/products and patients owned by someone else such as Apple. Until recently someone has leaked an information about Samsung is considering to backstab Google’s back in many ways. Why? Or how? Here it is.

FaceBook requires separated apps.

FaceBook app for IOS and Android and as well other software for smartphone and tablets are requiring every users to download and install a separate app if you want to chat with your friends that you have on your friends list on FaceBook. Recently FaceBook released an announcement saying that they will start forcing every FaceBook users to download the FaceBook Messenger to chat with your friends because FaceBook says that the chat on FaceBook alone app is being removed from FaceBook app itself only the way you can be able to chat with your friends is you must have FaceBook messenger app for IOS, Android and other softwares to chat with your family and friends now. According to this news source that I was reading few minutes ago says that the reason FaceBook has decide to do this way is to monetize more revenue if using separated apps between FaceBook alone app and FaceBook Messenger.

Here’s the article letting every one who is on FaceBook to know about FaceBook forcing all of its users to download and install FaceBook messenger if they wish to chat with their family or friends: FaceBook Is Forcing All Users To Download Messenger By Ripping Out Of Its Main Apps by TechCrunch.com.