Gallaudet University marked 150 years.

The first and well-known university for deaf and hard of hearing Gallaudet University marks 150 years and is celebrating for it ever since the day the 16th president for United States of America signed a bill titled 13th amendment to the constitution on April 8th, 1864 that the senate approved of to end the slavery and had the moment to sign a bill of interest to senate committee on the district of Columbia and educators in the nation’s capital. Which that authorized Columbia institution for the deaf and dumb and the blind to award degrees in the liberal arts and sciences.

This is one of the reason I am very proud America that resided in United States of America for more than twenty-seven (27) years and that the bill is very important to deaf and hard of hearing especially giving them the same rights that hearing (people who can hear) have in United States of America. That same bill that happens to be America with Disabilities Act (ADA) that’s being used today that every deaf and hard of hearing use as their right. If it weren’t for Lincoln Abraham then it’s very possible that we may not have the bill that deaf and hard of hearing rely on for our rights today which is ADA, that is our rights to be earned as America and present as America.